Tuesday, 26 June 2012

female villainess Costume designs

Costume designs for Halloween, female villainess characters.

 harlequin costume: black and red outfit with ballet shows.

Two face: One half good the other bad
Good side of the jacket/dress black and white 
with frill collar.
Bad side of the jacket/dress over sized  lapels with bright coloured animal print.
Right side of boot to be bright coloured animal print.
Left side of boot to be black.

Riddle-miss: (kinnda speaks for its self) all in one green outfit with green ballet shows and a question mark on the thigh and on the center of the back.
and not for getting the good question mark cane (to pock those customers that i don't like).

Loki's daughter: black and gold corset. 
with black leg-ins and thigh high boots.
gold gauntlets and green cape.
   Her horned helmet is more of a tiara.
Idea 1: hair to be combed from the nap 
of the head to the front divided in to 
two and then twisted 
into and around the two horns.
Idea 2: the honer tiara worn with the hair left down.

© 2012 sarah patel

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