Sunday, 17 January 2016

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole I do fall. Where it goes to, I do not no.
To my dismay, Night becomes day and day becomes night.
Up becomes down, and down becomes right. 
Glasses re-emptying in to half full bottles. 
Cascading wine flowing backwards into the the bottle.
Fish with eagle wings, flying in the clouds.
Empty green bottles, with eyes and frowns.
Clocks running backwards, with red high heel stilettos .
Am I falling or am I rising. 
As down the rabbit hole I do go.

Smiles with no faces and disembodied voices.
Shapes changing colour that also change their shape.
Spinning villain faces upon a spring of a Jack-in-a-box face.

An uprooted apple tree, that floats upon the breeze.
Blossom pink flowers, that bloom in to green leaves.
Rapped growing fruit among the autumn changing leaves.
Falling from the branches and dancing in the non existing breeze.
Growing ever closer towards my falling gaze,
The flesh rotes away revealing its human skull seed.

The Viking dragon boats sailing out of water, 
With their magical devilish wings.
Dancing whales within the heavens with mythological spirit beings.
With a top hat and waistcoat swimming in champagne.
As the Viking Dragon boats chase a rainbow.
Red, yellow. Pink and green. around the apple tree
Flowers turn to fairies as lighting hits the leaves.

Whispers in the darkness, sends chills down my spine.
On this never ending circus ride.
With screams in corked glass jars.
crying, screaming to get out.
Un nerving sounds with what seams to have no cause. 
And floating broken mirror shards.
Reflecting unperfect sights.

Down deep into the rabbit hole I do fall.
In to the dark depths of my own psyche I do go.
Am I falling or am I rising. 

As down the rabbit hole I do go.

©2016 sarah jane patel

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hello 2016

It is little over a week into 2016 and I have already managed to get myself back into old routine that for me over 2 years.
If I can keep this up,  I’ll be very happy. and hopefully I will succeed in achieving my goal’s for this year.
The past two years were not my friends, With distractions, bad vibes and people, and some big changes at work with a complete staff change with in two months, its been very much a mental and emotional roller coaster. 
So this new year is the all about keeping mind in a good place and not letting myself slip in to a dark rut with bad habits.

My Goals for 2016.

Clear mind and sole:
This may should like a strange title for this.
Its about creating a pleasant space to work and live in. tiding my home, clearing my desk from the pile of books and notebooks. My work space to work, my looker and my folders. 

Write books not Blogs:
Well maybe a bit of both. have notebooks full of ideas and posts just awing to be typed and published.
The plan is to post 3 time a month minimum. on my Vm post a new post at lest once month with a lot of past post editing 

Shout don’t whisper:
this is very much linked to the blogs, it is to be more active on social media, posting links to new posts and old posts. 

A book a day:
Well not really a book a day, a least to read every day on the bus home and on my break.

year before last (2014) I filled up 20 sketchbooks. Last year (2015) I filled up two. so this year I really want to do more drawing. 
I am thinking doing a sketch a day for one month then see if I can carry it on longer. I also have the “Anti Journal” which i want to work through.

52 Lists:
I found this book on Pintrest. each week you list things such as your goals for the year, your favourite books, music, I followed the like to amazon but found it was sold out. But I did found that i could view inside, and found that it had shots of the contents pages. So I took not of the lists and I am using a Moleskine sketchbook to create my own.

I have all my goals listed in my Midori along with a home made week to a view planer where I am writing a quote a day, or at least a note, its all inspiring.

I hope that i can keep up with the routine that I have got back in to so quickly and that I can complete my goals for this year and maybe even create more.

Wishing all a good 2016. Xx