Saturday, 22 December 2012

I find it cold

"I find that there is something cold about typing thing up on a computer with out writing on paper first. The whole thing of pen on paper flows so much better, your imagination runs more freely and the feel of pen on paper feels more real, alive, and what you are writing is coming from your heart. Like water flowing in a river.Its an art calligraphy and it seams to be dying in this technological world.
The same as kindles and e-books. they feel cold. I like the whole idea and feeling of holding a book the warm pages, crisp white paper like freshly fallen snow. My favorite are the ones with their faded, sun kissed tanned pages that can tell a story all of there own. Those with dog eared pages and on the odd occasion pencil lines under lines and stars in the margins,  they make me think about its previous owner who they might have been and what they were like. The best, the best of all is a note from a loved one a birthday wish or a Christmas greeting. I think about why someone would give such a gift a memory away."

© 2012 sarah patel

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