Friday, 28 August 2015

My Notes: UpComing Posts

With an empty purse, little under a week till pay day and a few days off, it is all about writing, blogging, drawing, and creating. (May be a little window shopping on the internet.)
Having tied up my desk and I have sitting beside me my note books, Traveler's notebooks and sketchbooks siting beside me waiting to be filled, and content typed up.
It has been a while scene I had the mental energy to really writing anything. It has been as thought someone had put a sack over my head and rapped me in chains and put me in a box. But over the past week I have had an inspiration wave and energy, writing notes when ever I can, in cafe’s, on the bus, train. If I don't have a notebook to hand then I turn to my phone, My poor little Nokia phone I don't think has every been used so much, as it can only hold 30 notes the saved text's are quite high.
I have lists of future posts and projects to do and write about. I am just hoping that this enlightened energy lasts.

  • Film reviews: I started with one at the beginning of this year with 'The Only Lovers Left Alive'. I have notes on more films, and after my last post on '100 Films By Female Directors', and with some of the ones I have already seen that have been directed by a woman now seams like know better time to writer about them.
  • Closed doors: This is a short store that I have been writing. It tells the store of a glamorise relationship between an English actor and his University sweet heart. yet all the glamor dose not hide all the cracks. I have been working on this scene the end of last year Its not going to be a lengthy piece. around about the length of 'Diary of depression'. Planing to post the first draft at the start new year.
  • Diary of depression: I am currently on the next draft working through changing and improving.
  • Notebook of a girl: This is a continuing series of posts, which I have to admit I am not 100% sure were it is go to go. It is some what of a evolving peace that is mostly inspired by things that I see, Written through a fictional girl, who’s own life is still some what of a mystery to myself. This is more of an spontaneous series of posts to be honest.
  • Bonnie: Ever scene I was a teenager I have always been interesting in Bonnie and Clyde and wanted to write a fictional story loosely based on these two character. Which I have now started to draft out. I think that I will be posting it along the same way that I have with Notebook of a girl. as a series.
  • 50 blog posts ideas for when you have writers blog: I have read a lot of these lists over the past few months over Bloglovin’. All of which are very samey. ‘whats in your bag’ ‘shear your blog tips’ I have saved 10 lists and I am planing to create my own with a little of my originality (I hope).
  • EarthBound: Another little short story, This has a little religious them to it, well an angelic theme. This was inspired by my Drama Monologue 'Lucifer’s Prayer'.
  • Alone again: On the back Burner short story. I go back to it every now and then. Its a fair ground romance that I started in 2012
  • Bethany: This is another on the back burner story. this one I stared in 2012. A vampire story with out to much lovey dovey romance. I not a fan of that with horrors or vampire stories.
  • In depth post on; Closed doors, EarthBound, Alone again and Bethany: I’ll show you my note books with research and the drafts, and the random little sketch’s that I do when I get the idea of how I want something to look, It helps me to visualise and describe what I want.
  • Scripts: These are form when I was in college studying Drama they go form witch’s, war poetry, classic children's stories, to some very weird and disturbing themes. This may take a little longer to type and publish as all I have left are some my notes. I will do the same as I did for 'Mad Hatters Last Tea Party' and change little bits and add some up to date references. 
  • The occurrence of hating people: To be a slightly comical series of posts. I started drafting this out at the start of the year, but as of yet I have no stared to type it up.
  • How I'm using my planers?: This will be an follow up at the end of the year, beginning of 2016 on my Filofax and Traveler's notebooks. A n up date on the posts which I have done 'My Traveler's NoteBooks' and 'My Filofax's'.

Along with these I also have some random other posts of creative writing.  I have been looking back over my post the last day and I have found that some have drifted off of the original concept for this blog. Even though at first it was not that clear to me when I started but as time went on it be came where I could post my writing, (weather good or not) For me I was and still is an out let. Over the past year I have found myself posting revues and trip posts. My art has its own place at 'My Theory Of The Crows BlogSpot', along with my photos. Then there is my Visual Merchandising blog, 'Visual Merchandising 101'Which holds my online Portfolio, CV and all my visual merchandising notes. Both of which have been a little slow, I'm hoping now that I can once more be more creative and productive with all them.

Monday, 24 August 2015

100 Great Movies By Female Directors: By Little White Lies.

Why I Have (almost) Stopped Buying Glossy Magazines.

I think every girl enjoys a glossy magazine, weather it be a fashion mag, interior design or a "reality" magazine such as OK or Hello. They are there for a quick read, to entertain, to follow trends or gossip there is is one out there for every one.
I have always enjoyed going out and picking up the new edition of my favourite, 
such as ELLE, GLAMOUR  and he recently lost COMPANY magazine. But I have been finding they are very samey. And the content extremely low as a large percentage of it is ads, and photo shots. I would be buying them on the way in to work and by my afternoon brake I would be giving them to the media team for there mode boards and scrap books. 
(A few years a go I would be keeping them for my own boards and scrap books for styling.)
In the past year I have found myself buying magazines like Skin Deep, Empire and more recently Little White Lies. 
These Have less adds and more words to reads, and will last me a week rather them a few hours.

Little White Lies 

This is a 100 page magazine with hardly any Ads' - in July/August I counted 6 pages of ads, and they were film related. - Each month has a theme, May/Jun was Tomorrowland were they went through the history of Disney land and the new film release Tomorrowland. the half is fild with film reviewers old and new, mainstream, independent and world.
and the photography is minimal it is largely drawing art, which I adore, even the paper is a great choose, it like a heave smooth cartridge paper. it feels like your reading a book them a magazine.
Now to  July/August edition, this has to be one of my favourites. 
Theres 40 odd pages listing the 50 female directors with a short bio'.
It ends with a list of 
I makes such a change from reading "what pants and bra set you should be wearing this season" and "your fat if your not a size 8"
Yes it dose seam a little like Empire Magazine, but even that can be a little to mainstream sometimes.
Yes it is £6 but I find it worth it. Its a monthly book and live most magazines and books you can always pass them around for all to read. If your someone that likes to keep magazines, these would not look out of place in a bookcase.

Looking down the list there is already a good hand full or two that I can cross off, films i've each with out realising that they were directed by a woman. 

Using their "100" list I have picked out 30 of them which I want to see, also in the list are the ones I have also seen. 
  1. Chilly Scenes of Winter: Jone Micklin Sliver -1979
  2. The Hitch-Hiker: Ida Lupion - 1953
  3. Falling leaves: Alice Guy-Blache - 1912
  4. India Song; Margeritte Duras - 1975
  5. Strang Days: Kathryn Bigelow -1996
  6. dogfight: Nancy Savoca -1991
  7. Vagabond: Agnes Varda -1985
  8. Big: Penny Marshall -1988
  9. Wayne's World: Penelope Spheeris -1992
  10. Fire: Deepa Metha -1996
  11. The Apple: Smaira Mathmalbaf -1998
  12. Faithless: Liv Ullmann -2000
  13. American Psycho: Mary Harron -2000
  14. Me And Every One We Know: Miranda July -2001
  15. Lost in Translation: Sofia Coppola -2003
  16. I For India: Sandhya Suri -2005
  17. Bright Star: Jane Campion -2009
  18. XXY: Lucia Puenzo -2007
  19. Treeless Mountain: So Yong Kim -2008
  20. Archipelago: Joanna Hogg -2010
  21. Every one else: Maren Ade -2009
  22. Stories We Tell: Sarah Polley -2012
  23. Dreams Of A Life: Carol Sciamma -2011
  24. Appropriate Behaviour: Desiree Akhavan -2014
  25. Wadjda: Haifaa al-Mansour -2012
  26. Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project: Jodie Mack -2014
  27. Winters Bone: Deborah Granick -2010
  28. Rocks In My Pockets: Signe Baumane -2014
  29. Babadook: Jennifer Kent -2014
  30. The headless Woman: Lucrecia Martal -2008
Back when I was in high school with my love of drama, films and special effect, I must have watched hundreds of behind scenes footage and how they done it special fetchers, from CGI, animated puppets. I had it in my head that I wanted to direct and act. 
But as time went on following that path got lost. 
If I hand It would have to horror and things along the lines of Donnie Darko.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Empty Pages

Trying to understand why there is nothing in this land that can make me understand that this book within my hand has nothing within its skin but the pages stitched within and nothing written within on the pages stitched within the black moleskine that sits within my hand upon my skin beneath my gaze and steering at the page contain-plating where to start steering at this empty page.

This empty page for empty thoughts upon the pages of the book with printed lines reminding me of empty thoughts and empty minds with no avail searching for inspiration to capture a sole and imagination with the pen within my hand upon the wordless pages your meant to read yet all I find is Shakespearian words in modern times with no meaning is all that comes to mind.

While I steer at the pages empty lines distractions come to fill my mind with horror stories and romantic lines to thrill and make you cry with a heroes tale and a villains smile upon these pages you will find all the tales from with in my mind yet all I that seams to come to mind is all the emptiness from within my mind

Looking back to open pages at wordless lines and blank pages contain-plating and unsure how to scribe random words and untold lies of horror ties and romantic lines yet all seams to come to mind   are random words and pretty lies to capture soles and make you cry is all that seams to come to mind.

Upon these page is my empty mind

©sarah jane patel

Monday, 3 August 2015

DIY Make Up

Yes I know that it is half way through festival season, (My timing dose kind of suck). I found this recipe (article) in company magazine back in 2012. (Such a sham that it is another lost in time.) This can work of any occasion, weather it be summer festivals, partys, new year, halloween. When every you need a last minuet/DIY face pant.
But before we start please, please please, remember to do a skin test with any product first. on the soft part of the inside of you arm, behind your ear and neck.
You will need:
  • 1 tbsp of cornflour  (available in your local supermarket in the baking aisle)
  • 1 ½ tsp thick cold cream (try classic Ponds or Nivea)
  • ½ tsp of cold water
  • Natural food colouring or odds and ends of old eye shadows and blushers, (Keeping those favourite eye shadows that tuned to dust and lumps after that night club incident involving them being dropped in to the sink.)
  • A small 30ml container
  • A small mixing bowl and spoon
  • Make-up brushes and sponges
How to make:
  1. Add the cornflour and cream to the bowl and stir together until completely combined.
  2. Next stir in the water- the mixture should start to thin out.
  3. Now add the food colouring drop  by drop until you get the desired colour and vibrancy. You can blend in crushed up loose powders from old eye shadows and blushers for extra pigment to make the paints brighter. If the mixture is too thick add I a drop or two of water and stir to combine. The consistency of the finished paint should be thick but pourable and glossy.
  4. Finally pour the paint in to containers and store it in a cool, dark place when not in use.

Neon Face paint

Been out on the hunt for neon face paint and all you can find are small tubes. keep an eye out for neon hair gel's. You can mix these with a thick cold cream,  it make's in go feather and sit on your skin better.

Lose Glitters

A party is not a party with out a little bit of glitter. same little trick here, mix it with a thick cold cream. 
note: The more cream you mix the glitter with the thiner the coverage.
The less cream the glitter is mixed with the thicker the glitter coverage will be.
Another quick one is to use Vaseline. Wipe a little on your fingers, then dip in to the lose glitter, then paint where you want. .