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My Traveler’s Notebook Family.

Say hello to my traveler’s Notebook family.

I started using traveler’s notebooks around 18 months 2 years ago and I have some what become a obsessed with them. I love the simplistic design and how versatile they are.
I posted the picture of my collection on to some of the Facebook groups for traveler’s notebook appreciators (on Thursday 15th Sept’). I got a surprisingly big response of over over 300 likes, and several questions about them. So it just made sense that I put them all into a post (plus I haven't post much recently so I can kill two crows with on stone). Some did suggest a video but my camera is old and could not hack it.

What is in my collection?
My first purchased was from ZLYC on amazon. this was there set which comes with a standard size notebook with three inserts and a card and zip pocket insert. a passport notebook with three books and a pen holder. 
From their range I ended up moving on to the Midori Range, which apart from my blue edition I have purchased mine from JP Books in London. I have the black, brown and the camel all of which in standard and passport. 
Then through one of the Facebook groups I found the company Wick and Hide on Etsy, there prices were good and bing in the UK shipping was cheap. From here I picked up a passport, field notes A6 and personal, seeing so many videos of the field notes and personal I wanted to see if they were a size I could deal with. the personal is a lovely size and I will be using, the field notes I am still in to minds, I have some books for it so I’ll give it a go and see. 
I fell in love with the passport nude undyed Traveler’s notebook from Wick and Hide, unfortunately they have closed their shop, so I went looking over Etsy and found Mike Baldock at Meadowgate Leather. He has 5 different styles Traveler’s Notebook to offer with 22 colours and several add ons. After around tow weeks of umming and arring I took the plunge and ordered an A5 undyed notebook. I have fallen in love with this on Its so lovely.
What do I use them All for? And do I swap them around?

Apart from the ZLYC passports and one of the standards they all have an individual use. and are in constant use.
Lets start with ZLYC notebooks and how I am using them. These I got from Amazon, they come in a set of three, this being the standard size, passport and a pen holder.
My first notebook set was their black set (pictured above) was the one that got me hocked Its a matt black leather which is slightly rufer then the Midori leather and quite floppy in comparison. I have three notebooks inside the standard which I use one of the books for my blog, and other on line networks such as The Dot, Hiive, Stage 32, and others. keeping note of usernames, when I last posted on them. The second I use for writing down the lists for post ideas that I find on Pinterest and one other peoples blogs. Third book Is used for notes on location that I want to include in posts or short stores.
The passport one I changed out the centre elastic and replaced it as I found it was to tight and was even bending the Inserts. I was using it a sketch book but at present its is jobless.

The Next one was the Dark green (Pictured above) Which is rather dark and quite dry and ruff, even more so then the black. This one shows up scuffs and marks un like the black. The standard book I use for work and my visual merchandising blog, listing ideas for window designs and displays, as well as a sketchbook and copy's of the shop floor plans.
Again the passport dose not have a use but this passport is my favourite form this range, mainly because of the stamp on the inside and the  fact that the leather is so floppy and creased from being from the edge of hide (Pictured Below).
Then there is the Dark Coffee set, (this one seams to be more popular with men) its a beautiful dark brown which like the green scuffs and marks beautiful. As you can see from the picture below I don't use the passport in this set, as it still pretty much the same as it was when I got them. While the standard has aged and gained a shine to it. this one has pretty much lived in my bag and going back and fourth work with me.
This one has four inserts each of which holds notes and dates, and places and characters for short stories (thats four short stories)
The Dark red set (pictured below) the leather is pretty the same as the Dark coffee. This one has not aged as much though. The red one has four inserts three of them are used the same as I use the Dark Coffee, and the fourth is my dictionary where I writer down words that no mater how many times I write them I can never spell then right. (The fun of being dyslexic.) Again I have only used the passport once.
I got my self a second black set with intentions of switching it out with the on I use for work but to dat I have not.  The leather on this one is slightly more softer and more like the Midori to the touch. 
The black standard below I purchased on its own with the pen holder. It was listed as a Patten and it has a slightly more of a shine to it then the original set that I brought.
This one I have been using as an art journal as sought. I have an insert listing all the colours of paint, and inks that i use along with where I get them from and the best prices. 
the next insert is sketchbook where i've tested out pens, paint, inks and the final one I have a list of project ideas,  30/31 day art changes.
The final ZLYC in the family is this personal size dark brown journal which I use to house my Neon Light sketchbooks from Fashionary.
I say personal but it is about  5mm smaller then the standard personal Traveler's notebooks

Now the Midori's.
The camel 10th annirversy edition standard and passports I am using as sketchbooks. Each have three sketchbooks and a kraft folder which hold my Polaroid stencils.

I have two brown standards, the one on the right has my 2016 goals and home made calendar which I am doing a note a day and the 3rd is the 52 lists.
The book on the right is currently holding my personal journals 
This black standard is the home for my Fashonary templates, for men, woman, child and shoes. along with sketchbooks and scrapbook

My second black book holds my notebooks holding notes on tarot cards and my tarot card readings 
My 2015 blue edition I use for poetry at the moment I have some war porttry and pomes writen by Bonnie Parker
My little passport brown holds a calendar, A book of quotas and a book with positive things  and things that make me smile. 
My little black book holds a book listing all the graphic novels I have, so I don't going them again when I am out, along with books that are in series. A book with all the paints and inks I use. A book with the names of the tarot cards that I own and stones and crystals. And a shopping list 'book' well scrap paper that i have folded and is held together under on of the bands, and finally a card and zip folder insert.
This little book tends to live in my bag and goes with me the most.

From Wick and Hide on Etsy I got myself a field notes, A6 a personal and a passport. My field notes (pictured below) is Slate Grey, I got it in their sale before they closed. I wanted to see if it  was a size I could get on with and use as a every day planer for next year. So I fave it set up with two note books and a plan notebook/sketchbook.
My A6 again is in Slate Blue this is the nieces sketchbook. I picked up a Lunar calendar in A6 so the girls will be moving in to standard next year and I'll be using the A6 with my Midori black standard, that I use for my tarot cards.
The Personal, which is the (Earl) grey in the top left of the photo, I am going to use a a mood tracker and a dream journal. not something that I want to be caring around and taking to work. The dream journal is for inspiration of my writing.

My nude Wick and Hide passport I have just set up with three books. One has notes on film camera shutter speeds, aperture setting, using light meters. The second has notes on the films that I have used, what setting are best for what lighting, what films I prefer. The  tired is for the film that I am curently using, so I can jot down location, conditions and settings so once the film is develoed I know what works best where, and when

This is my newist addtion to the family it is an A5 nude Oak from Mike Baldock at Meadowgate Leather on etsy. this is a sketchbook that will just be staying at home and will be used for mostly ink work. Being undyed this will show up all little specks of ink, graphite and any other mediums, and hopefully age with incredible style.
And Final here is my natural standard from Katherine Sun Chen. she has a shop on Etsy but you can also pick her notebooks up on Amazon. This book has almost a Swede feel to it and shine to it a certain angles. I was using this one as a sketchbook untill I got my Midori Camel.

I rarely swap them around. I have pretty much got them set up with want I want in them. 

What Is My Favourite Size?
The standard size is defently my favourite and the most particle for writhing. Where the Passports I use for more list and out and bout shopping and photography.

Which One it my Favourite?
that one is definitely a mood thing, I an curntly loving the nudes and the camels in my family of notebooks.

Where do I get your inserts from?
I get the Daler Rowney a5 sketchbooks from cass art, paperchase, or cowling and wilcox  (I cut them down and keep the off cuts to weave them in to a 'sheet' of paper to pant or draw on) 
Daler Rowney also do a pocket size book that fits in the filed notes. 
Paperhase do a set of 3 plan, lined and grid notebooks.
Muji do a passport size book in dot, grid and plan.
As well as I have brought inserts form JP Books.

I hope that you enjoyed at look at my little traveler's notebook family. you can see more pictures of them on my Instagram account

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