Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Bullet Journal.

Last month- start of June I decided to start a bullet journal. If you don’t no what a bullet journal is, I wont going to it but you follow the link to the bullet Journal web sit you can check out the product and watch a video, or go over to Youtube and check out the 100s of videos over there.
Despite my OCD angel screaming down my ear, as I really don’t like the idea of starting planners mid year. So after watching videos and looking through pintrest at peoples layouts and how they were using theres, I worked out how I was going to use mine. The main part of it is Habit trackers, personal and Blog tracking I also intend to keep notes on what I have done on my days off - this being because I can be a tad lazy sometimes and get distracted, so this way I can see what I have been doing through the day.
 Above: left hand page is my blog tracking  and on the right is June's Instagram challenge list.
Blank pages make good doodle pages
 I am trying to be good with what I eat and drink this month, but not snaking so much and eating chips and other junk food, so in the above image, the right page is my junk food tracker each day that I don't eat crap it gets a purple square, I am hoping that this page will be mostly Purple by the end of the month.
I have already decided how the below page will change in August. 
Blogging with a full time day job can be hard work, I say ‘can’ because when I started this blog I had no problem in posting something each week, I’d work on something during my Lunch breaks and tea breaks, then type it up when I got home. Now I get home I get distracted by Facebook Tumblr, Youtube. ( Last year I could understand as we had a very unpleasant little manager who destroyed every ones will to do anything and confidence and then left). Its not like I don’t have any content to post, in fact I have nearly two notebooks full of drafted posts and notes. Which brings me to the next lot of pages, Draft articles. Here I plane to each month list all the post that are drafted, weather that be still in my notebook, or typed up and ready to put on to on to my blog. The idea be hind it is to give me a kick to  get them posted.
Yes I draft 90% of my posts in long hand, I find it more inspiring then searching through files for notes and posts.
The almost last pages of the month is my shear tracker so I know where and what I have sheared where.
The way that I am using this book is not quit a bullet journal as I set out for it to be. but it is working for me.

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