Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Evil With In

---She stood in front of him. His eyes full of anger and hate each grasping  their weapons tightly.---
“Evil knows evil my dear”
---He said with a twisted smile---
“You’re a  pathetic thing. thinking that you can control people with fear. That you’re the embodiment of evil.”
---She walked around him. Looking him up and down. He stood rotted to the ground turning his head. Watching her. Loathing her.---
“You have no idea not a clue what true evil is. It is not something you chose or just become over time, due to circumstances. It is what you are, who you are. Its the very essence your being .
No man, not even you are can be truly evil. You can try. You can fool your self in to believing that you are the evilest thing to walk this planet, but it’s a lie.”
---she stood in front of him and looked into his eyes---
“For true evil comes from deep within, it runs through the veins thicker then blood.
For the darkest evil exists is not in you, its not in any man, for it lives in heart and sole of a woman.
Like a burning fire, raging with power. And strength, hatred.
Your not in control, you never have been. I’m the master pulling your strings, your just the marionette.”
“I’m nobody’s puppet.”
---Snapping at her---
“Oh believe me my darling, you are.”
“if you’re the puppet master where are my strings.”
---She smiled at him widely shaker her head with a silent laugh---
“don’t you get it you fool. I’m like voice in your head whispering that you are weak, telling you that they are plotting to destroy you…
 I will destroy you I‘m stronger, you don’t stand a chance you may as well give up now.”
---whispering in his ear. She stepped away from him smiling seductively. He grabbed her around the waist pulling her towards him. looking deep in to her dark emotionless tormenting eyes ---
“your more then just a voice in my head… So who are you?”
“Some one that you can trust.”
---Pushing away from him---
“If you are as wicked and evil and you say. Maybe we should work together. A union, and take this planet for ourselves instead of fighting each other ?”
---She looked at him and contemplated his offer---
“So if you are the true embodiment of evil what dose that make me?”
---She smiled at him. more so to herself. He hadn't recognized her, after all these years. His own daughter.---
©2013 sarah patel.
A random little roll-play piece.

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