Thursday, 30 May 2013

Take away this hate.

Hot water burning, hot steam warming, making the room airless.
Skin reddening with each inch deeper in to the water I fall. 
Eyes closed blocking out the world.
Mind of matter, that is all it is. Mind over matter.
But still a easing relief slowly covers me.

Broken glass. Broken mirrors
Nails and screws, gripping them tightly.
Carpet burns and stony ground.
Razor blades and pocket knifes
Cutting lightly cutting deeply. 
Having no fear, only shame once the crime has been committed.

Ice cubes and lighter burns.
Paper cute and splinters.
Needles and pins.
Feel for a second.
A moment
Take away the hate, this darkness that surrounds me.
To feel something other then this num coldness.
Just for moment.
Take me away from myself.

© 2013 sarah patel

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