Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Traveler’s Notebook Family.

Say hello to my traveler’s Notebook family.

I started using traveler’s notebooks around 18 months 2 years ago and I have some what become a obsessed with them. I love the simplistic design and how versatile they are.
I posted the picture of my collection on to some of the Facebook groups for traveler’s notebook appreciators (on Thursday 15th Sept’). I got a surprisingly big response of over over 300 likes, and several questions about them. So it just made sense that I put them all into a post (plus I haven't post much recently so I can kill two crows with on stone). Some did suggest a video but my camera is old and could not hack it.

What is in my collection?
My first purchased was from ZLYC on amazon. this was there set which comes with a standard size notebook with three inserts and a card and zip pocket insert. a passport notebook with three books and a pen holder. 
From their range I ended up moving on to the Midori Range, which apart from my blue edition I have purchased mine from JP Books in London. I have the black, brown and the camel all of which in standard and passport. 
Then through one of the Facebook groups I found the company Wick and Hide on Etsy, there prices were good and bing in the UK shipping was cheap. From here I picked up a passport, field notes A6 and personal, seeing so many videos of the field notes and personal I wanted to see if they were a size I could deal with. the personal is a lovely size and I will be using, the field notes I am still in to minds, I have some books for it so I’ll give it a go and see. 
I fell in love with the passport nude undyed Traveler’s notebook from Wick and Hide, unfortunately they have closed their shop, so I went looking over Etsy and found Mike Baldock at Meadowgate Leather. He has 5 different styles Traveler’s Notebook to offer with 22 colours and several add ons. After around tow weeks of umming and arring I took the plunge and ordered an A5 undyed notebook. I have fallen in love with this on Its so lovely.
What do I use them All for? And do I swap them around?

Apart from the ZLYC passports and one of the standards they all have an individual use. and are in constant use.
Lets start with ZLYC notebooks and how I am using them. These I got from Amazon, they come in a set of three, this being the standard size, passport and a pen holder.
My first notebook set was their black set (pictured above) was the one that got me hocked Its a matt black leather which is slightly rufer then the Midori leather and quite floppy in comparison. I have three notebooks inside the standard which I use one of the books for my blog, and other on line networks such as The Dot, Hiive, Stage 32, and others. keeping note of usernames, when I last posted on them. The second I use for writing down the lists for post ideas that I find on Pinterest and one other peoples blogs. Third book Is used for notes on location that I want to include in posts or short stores.
The passport one I changed out the centre elastic and replaced it as I found it was to tight and was even bending the Inserts. I was using it a sketch book but at present its is jobless.

The Next one was the Dark green (Pictured above) Which is rather dark and quite dry and ruff, even more so then the black. This one shows up scuffs and marks un like the black. The standard book I use for work and my visual merchandising blog, listing ideas for window designs and displays, as well as a sketchbook and copy's of the shop floor plans.
Again the passport dose not have a use but this passport is my favourite form this range, mainly because of the stamp on the inside and the  fact that the leather is so floppy and creased from being from the edge of hide (Pictured Below).
Then there is the Dark Coffee set, (this one seams to be more popular with men) its a beautiful dark brown which like the green scuffs and marks beautiful. As you can see from the picture below I don't use the passport in this set, as it still pretty much the same as it was when I got them. While the standard has aged and gained a shine to it. this one has pretty much lived in my bag and going back and fourth work with me.
This one has four inserts each of which holds notes and dates, and places and characters for short stories (thats four short stories)
The Dark red set (pictured below) the leather is pretty the same as the Dark coffee. This one has not aged as much though. The red one has four inserts three of them are used the same as I use the Dark Coffee, and the fourth is my dictionary where I writer down words that no mater how many times I write them I can never spell then right. (The fun of being dyslexic.) Again I have only used the passport once.
I got my self a second black set with intentions of switching it out with the on I use for work but to dat I have not.  The leather on this one is slightly more softer and more like the Midori to the touch. 
The black standard below I purchased on its own with the pen holder. It was listed as a Patten and it has a slightly more of a shine to it then the original set that I brought.
This one I have been using as an art journal as sought. I have an insert listing all the colours of paint, and inks that i use along with where I get them from and the best prices. 
the next insert is sketchbook where i've tested out pens, paint, inks and the final one I have a list of project ideas,  30/31 day art changes.
The final ZLYC in the family is this personal size dark brown journal which I use to house my Neon Light sketchbooks from Fashionary.
I say personal but it is about  5mm smaller then the standard personal Traveler's notebooks

Now the Midori's.
The camel 10th annirversy edition standard and passports I am using as sketchbooks. Each have three sketchbooks and a kraft folder which hold my Polaroid stencils.

I have two brown standards, the one on the right has my 2016 goals and home made calendar which I am doing a note a day and the 3rd is the 52 lists.
The book on the right is currently holding my personal journals 
This black standard is the home for my Fashonary templates, for men, woman, child and shoes. along with sketchbooks and scrapbook

My second black book holds my notebooks holding notes on tarot cards and my tarot card readings 
My 2015 blue edition I use for poetry at the moment I have some war porttry and pomes writen by Bonnie Parker
My little passport brown holds a calendar, A book of quotas and a book with positive things  and things that make me smile. 
My little black book holds a book listing all the graphic novels I have, so I don't going them again when I am out, along with books that are in series. A book with all the paints and inks I use. A book with the names of the tarot cards that I own and stones and crystals. And a shopping list 'book' well scrap paper that i have folded and is held together under on of the bands, and finally a card and zip folder insert.
This little book tends to live in my bag and goes with me the most.

From Wick and Hide on Etsy I got myself a field notes, A6 a personal and a passport. My field notes (pictured below) is Slate Grey, I got it in their sale before they closed. I wanted to see if it  was a size I could get on with and use as a every day planer for next year. So I fave it set up with two note books and a plan notebook/sketchbook.
My A6 again is in Slate Blue this is the nieces sketchbook. I picked up a Lunar calendar in A6 so the girls will be moving in to standard next year and I'll be using the A6 with my Midori black standard, that I use for my tarot cards.
The Personal, which is the (Earl) grey in the top left of the photo, I am going to use a a mood tracker and a dream journal. not something that I want to be caring around and taking to work. The dream journal is for inspiration of my writing.

My nude Wick and Hide passport I have just set up with three books. One has notes on film camera shutter speeds, aperture setting, using light meters. The second has notes on the films that I have used, what setting are best for what lighting, what films I prefer. The  tired is for the film that I am curently using, so I can jot down location, conditions and settings so once the film is develoed I know what works best where, and when

This is my newist addtion to the family it is an A5 nude Oak from Mike Baldock at Meadowgate Leather on etsy. this is a sketchbook that will just be staying at home and will be used for mostly ink work. Being undyed this will show up all little specks of ink, graphite and any other mediums, and hopefully age with incredible style.
And Final here is my natural standard from Katherine Sun Chen. she has a shop on Etsy but you can also pick her notebooks up on Amazon. This book has almost a Swede feel to it and shine to it a certain angles. I was using this one as a sketchbook untill I got my Midori Camel.

I rarely swap them around. I have pretty much got them set up with want I want in them. 

What Is My Favourite Size?
The standard size is defently my favourite and the most particle for writhing. Where the Passports I use for more list and out and bout shopping and photography.

Which One it my Favourite?
that one is definitely a mood thing, I an curntly loving the nudes and the camels in my family of notebooks.

Where do I get your inserts from?
I get the Daler Rowney a5 sketchbooks from cass art, paperchase, or cowling and wilcox  (I cut them down and keep the off cuts to weave them in to a 'sheet' of paper to pant or draw on) 
Daler Rowney also do a pocket size book that fits in the filed notes. 
Paperhase do a set of 3 plan, lined and grid notebooks.
Muji do a passport size book in dot, grid and plan.
As well as I have brought inserts form JP Books.

I hope that you enjoyed at look at my little traveler's notebook family. you can see more pictures of them on my Instagram account

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Bullet Journal.

Last month- start of June I decided to start a bullet journal. If you don’t no what a bullet journal is, I wont going to it but you follow the link to the bullet Journal web sit you can check out the product and watch a video, or go over to Youtube and check out the 100s of videos over there.
Despite my OCD angel screaming down my ear, as I really don’t like the idea of starting planners mid year. So after watching videos and looking through pintrest at peoples layouts and how they were using theres, I worked out how I was going to use mine. The main part of it is Habit trackers, personal and Blog tracking I also intend to keep notes on what I have done on my days off - this being because I can be a tad lazy sometimes and get distracted, so this way I can see what I have been doing through the day.
 Above: left hand page is my blog tracking  and on the right is June's Instagram challenge list.
Blank pages make good doodle pages
 I am trying to be good with what I eat and drink this month, but not snaking so much and eating chips and other junk food, so in the above image, the right page is my junk food tracker each day that I don't eat crap it gets a purple square, I am hoping that this page will be mostly Purple by the end of the month.
I have already decided how the below page will change in August. 
Blogging with a full time day job can be hard work, I say ‘can’ because when I started this blog I had no problem in posting something each week, I’d work on something during my Lunch breaks and tea breaks, then type it up when I got home. Now I get home I get distracted by Facebook Tumblr, Youtube. ( Last year I could understand as we had a very unpleasant little manager who destroyed every ones will to do anything and confidence and then left). Its not like I don’t have any content to post, in fact I have nearly two notebooks full of drafted posts and notes. Which brings me to the next lot of pages, Draft articles. Here I plane to each month list all the post that are drafted, weather that be still in my notebook, or typed up and ready to put on to on to my blog. The idea be hind it is to give me a kick to  get them posted.
Yes I draft 90% of my posts in long hand, I find it more inspiring then searching through files for notes and posts.
The almost last pages of the month is my shear tracker so I know where and what I have sheared where.
The way that I am using this book is not quit a bullet journal as I set out for it to be. but it is working for me.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Ghost Stores & Urban Legends: Jump Jack

The dull sound of buzzing from electricity from the over head neon lights echoed in the long corridor with its grey limo floor and white tiled walls, clinical and cold. The far end light flickering on and off with a click, an invisible switch in its darkness making the corridor seen longer and endless.
The right hand wall of doors all closed on, making the narrow walkway feel claustrophobic. A sudden sharp bang making her jump in her skin, breathless and heart racing, looking behind her, it was the door slamming behind her friends the three of them stood there loping in to the uncertain night.
The rain on the small window behind them sounding like scratching finger nails down pebble destroyed glass.
“Its a load of bull”
“Whys that?”
“Just because it is the 13th stall dose not mean that it is haunted.”
“By the Jumping Jack!”
She looked at her friends standing the right of her.
“I can’t believe that you dragged us back down here after all these years, just to take part in a Junior school Urban Legend trial”
“There going to be tearing the place down next week, so whats the harm, Its just a bit of fun. And like you said It just an urban legend.” pulling her camera out of her bag ready to film.
“And it’ll make a good  footage for my sight.”
The three of them began to walk down to the end of the room. The squeaking of their shoes on the lino floor, parts ripped up exposing the dusty concert floor beneath. 
The three of them stood looking at the closed door of the 13th stool The faint writing of ‘Do Not Enter” in a childish hand could just be seen on grimy once white door. 
The cold damp air of five years of neglect could be felt in the air. with every breath they could taste the stale, damp, dust, filled air, the metallic smell of mild sat on every surface.
“So how does this legend go again?”
“You go in the stall and you turn around 3 times and say ‘Jump Jake Jump’ there times.”
Looking back down the row of cubicles she tried to remember her time in the school, all she could remember were the childhood charts, games and pranks. and torment of younger students of the Jumping jack.
“Well here we go.” smiling and waving at the camera as she entered and stall. closing the door behind her, the lock broken off years before.
With a deep breath she began the ritual, on each turn she repeated “Jump Jack Jump”. On the third completed turn she stood silent, waiting. 
the light over head flickered faster the sound grew load, high pitched and painful. Then suddenly… silence. The light goes off for its final time. The Lights from further down the corridor struggling to reach the end.
she felt her heart racing with every quick breath she took.
“Dan? You OK?” the camera fixed on the door.
“Yeah, I’m good” 
Suddenly the air got cold like as thought some one had opened a freeze door beside them. cold enough to tune their breath to vapour, and send a uneasy shiver though the girls bodes.
Dannielle stood in in silence in the dark. As she reached to open the door a thin icy layer grew rapidly over the door, the fame and the wall. Her friends watched as the Ice crystals grow, charting its icy map over the door and wall.
Unable to mover Dannielle stood frozen to the spot, not wanting to look at anything but the back of the door. The warm breath of something beside her brushed her cheek, making her shudder. 
Before she could look Its long arms wrapped around her, its hand covering her mouth preventing her from screaming as it lifted her from the ground.
Kick out her feet fit the door,  pushing it open, Her friends screamed as they watched her been dragged through the wall, Unbroken.

© sarah jane patel

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Film Review: Crimson Peak.

Written by: Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins and Lucinda Coxon
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Staring: Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam.
Release date: 16th October 2015 (uk)
DVD release date: 15th February 2016 (uk)

Set in 1891, Crimson peak is a gothic romance, horror, staring Mina Wasikowska as Edith Cushing, Tom Hiddleston s Thomas Sharpe and Jessica Chastain as Lucile Sharpe. 
After the death of her father Edith moves from Buffalo, N.Y. to Cumbria England with her new husband Thomas Sharpe, where she is meet with ghosts, murder and incest

I'm a bit of horror film addict weather it's a Hollywood movie with a budget or a b movie with pocket money, the darker the better, and the stranger the better.
I got the book "Crimson Peak, The Art Of Darkness" for Christmas and I put off properly reading it until I watched the film, I didn't want to many spoilers.
There was a part of me that was expecting something a little more darker. Had this film been from the the 1980s/90s it would be there.
At different points in the film it had me think, 'are Lucile and Thomas not brother and sister' and then 'Maybe its a bit of a Dorain Grey twist' Not a bad thing that if it keeps you thinking.
But it turned out to be neither.  Instead its a brother and sister how at a young age, well early teens  become sexually involved. You soon see that it is Lucile that has a psychopathic lusting control over Thomas, Having him marry a rich girl once mverd in to their home they slowly pisin them and then when her money or dalry is in their hands she then kills them.
There is a conversation between Lucie and Edith regarding butterflies

EDITH: Is it a butterfly?
LUCILE: No. But it will be soon.
EDITH: Oh, I hadn't seen them. They're dying.
LUCILE: They take their heat from the sun and when it deserts them, they die.
EDITH: That's sad.
LUCILE: No, it's not sad, Edith. It's nature. It's a savage world of things dying or eating each other, right beneath our feet.
EDITH: Surely there's more to it than that.
LUCILE: Beautiful things are fragile. At home, we have only black moths. Formidable creatures, to be sure, but they lack beauty. They thrive on the dark and the cold.
EDITH: What do they feed on?
LUCILE: Butterflies, I'm afraid.

She's almost talking about herself. For she is the black moth that kills the inercent beauty of Thomas's wives. She is the one that thieves in the cold and dark of there world feasting on these who thrive in the warmth.
In one of the final scenes you see that she keeps black moths on her dresser in jars, even though the whole floor where her room is, is surrounded buy them. (she is one) She also has butterflies on a what looks like a bead tree bunch. She keeps a souvenirs form his wives that she has killed and their mother, A lock of hair in a dresses draw. 
When arriving Allerdale Hall in Cumbria Thomas and Edith are greater by a small dog which Thomas says is not theres and it could be from the town as it is a days walk, Yet he is happy to let her keep it, to please his new wife. It then turns out that he used to belong to his late wife. You soon find out that he had left the dog out in the cold to die rather then killing it with his own hands. Nearing the end of the film you hear Lucile kill the dog, before ordering her brother to kill Dr Alan McMichael, ((Charlie Hunnam) Who has traveled to England to warn and save Edith.) Thomas asks the doctor where he should stab him to give him a chance to live, Showing that Thomas has compassion and is not as messed up as his older sister.

The cinematography is good but what struck me was that the film starts in Ameracia, the new world, filled with new opportunities and new money, yet it is film slightly darker then in England which is the old world, old money, (and its Cumbria). Yes its the start of Edith new life with her husband, leaving behind the death of the father, but to me it just seams the wrong way round, considering that it is england that all the ghosts walk. even though it is almost winter and there is snow on the ground, it just seams why to bright.

The first time that you see Sir Thomas Sharpe B
aronet, it is the office of Edith's father, Carter Cushing. where Edith is typing up a story that she has wrote, with in seconds he has notice and read it. I hate this scene it fells as if it is just being read from a page and after thought to add to the film.

THOMAS: Good morning, miss. Forgive the interruption. I have an appointment with Mr. Carter Everett Cushing.
SECRETARY: Goodness. With the great man himself.
THOMAS: I'm afraid so.
EDITH: ---Reading form his card--- "Sir Thomas Sharpe, Baronet."
SECRETARY: He'll be here shortly.
THOMAS: Thank you.
---Edith getting up from the desk and walks around to he other side of the desk---
EDITH: You're not late, are you? He hates that.
THOMAS: Uh, not at all. In fact, I'm a little early.
EDITH: Oh, I'm afraid he hates that, too.
THOMAS: I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry, but this is a piece of fiction, is it not?
THOMAS: Who are you transcribing this for?
EDITH: It's to be sent to New York tomorrow, to The Atlantic Monthly.
THOMAS: Well, whoever wrote it, it's rather good, don't you think?
EDITH: Really?
THOMAS: It's certainly captured my attention.
EDITH: I wrote it. It's mine.
THOMAS: Ghosts?
EDITH: Well, the ghosts are just a metaphor...
THOMAS: They've always fascinated me. You see, where I come from ghosts are not to be taken lightly.

The ghosts of the wives and the mother are these rich red apparitions half broken bodes and deformed. The red colour comes from the red ore front the mines below the house that these women have died trying to fullfilll the dream of the two Sharpe's to restore their home where the two of them can live. Away from the world.
Other times you see mist shape ghosts walking in the background in the house.

I just kept expecting something more to happen for there to be a darker twist. Pans Labyrinth was a beautify film by  Guillermo del Toro, more of fairy tail for adults, where at the end of Crimson Peak one of my thoughts was it was a bit of teenage horror chick flick. Don't get me wrong its a good film its just lacking something. more fear, darkness, may be a little deeper acting as some times it really did seam as if it was reign read form a book from all of them.

"Ghosts are real. This much, I know. 
There are things that tie them to a place, very much like they do us.
Some remain tethered to a patch of land. A time and date.
The spilling of blood. A terrible crime. But there are others. Others that hold onto an emotion. A drive. Loss. Revenge. Or love. Those, they never go away." 

--- Lady Edith Sharpe.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

NoteBook Of A Girl. Entry #8

Suits and plain clothed office workers, like worker ants follow the rote that they know best, from bus to tube, tube to bus, bus to main line train, tube to main lines.
heading home on a friday night,  some heading out to central London to become apart of the crowed on the throw-up-fridays last train out of town. crooked ties and listed ties, panda eyes and messed up hair staggering out into the surrounding suburbs of quite.
Amongst The crowds, tourists rome, confused and dazed  unsure what way to go is best. pointing and staring up at the surrounding buildings. 
A controlled chaos at Victoria station through the bus station and train station this friday late afternoon. with a fast setting winter sun and cloud silver grey sky’s above.
People all dressed up for a night of entertainment at the theatre a trip to Yorkshire or a trip to Oz, I wonder which shale it be,
As I stand at the bus station waiting to leave with work back and change of cloths. Moving traffic, dead still, as people unaware walk out in to the street without a care.
work men on here break stand outside the the work sight entrance with a cup of coffee form Costa coffee and a roll up cigarette admiring and laughing at the walking dead. The girls with high healed stilettos shoes, short skirts and low cut tops. looking at down at their phones taking selfies, unsteady in their high healed stilettos shoes.
Standing at a bus stop waiting. With my bag with work tools and blacks and over night bag. 
I stand and observe the  friday night move in. With a bugger I wait for a big red London bus, to tack me north, home ward bound. Creating story’s in my head for those I see in this controlled chaos at Victoria station through the bus station and train station this friday late afternoon.

The young woman that is dressed to impress, short skirt and designer  shoes,  at first sight you might think, that she is out for fun to find a man, she  has a rep for being easy, a bit city bike you might say. 
But what if I was to say that Sunday morning with out fail you will find her in church. placing bibles on each seat, treating each of the conjuration with a smile and good manners. Helping in the Sunday school, cooking meals for the homeless, there for each choir practice. and church meeting.. But week nights are hers, to drink and dance with who she choses and how she wishes She is saving her self for that one special man. In modern world that her parents do approve of, nor those how belong to the same flock, If they did do out think that they would pray for to give up the lifestyle she lives?

The guy with his Tailored  suit and brief case, shiny shoes and designer coat. The guy with the good looks charm the high flying career, he has it all. the looks the charm the job the trophy wife.
On returning home he is faced with darkness and hate, A wife with a short temper and untrusting thoughts, how hits him and calls him names, cheats and lies and is caring another mans child in her belly. He sees know why out, to ashamed to admit he needs help.

Some of the made up lives I have thought up standing at Victoria station of the people I see walking  to and from the bus station and train station this friday late afternoon.

On  an empty bus I do sit. top deck front seat, feet reading on my work bag, pen and note book in hand. fast setting sun over London town, a shift change at the servants entrance at Buckingham place  High stone walls lined with razor wire a fortress are these walls protecting  but one family. 
At Hyde Park corner the bus becomes more full, loud lively chatter filling this big red London bus. Tourists heading out to see the local night life. City workers heading out to live it up in there city they work for. residence heading home and residence heading to work. 
The hard rock cafe with its awnings brown  and yellow and its que out side, passing restaurant and coffee shops, hotels and The Ritz All the places I can but dream of staying the night with in.
The lights at Piccadilly Circus lights seam brighter in the low light of dusk that is shrouding this city the clouds of grey and slier have faded in to gold and pink hang above the buildings like something in a film at the end of the would. How but me has noticed the beauty above our heads? Are all they looking down and  viewing life through film on their phones.
Past Ripley’s Believe It on Not! past Japan Centre, Past the Lyric theatre where plays Thriller. The Apollo, The Gielud,The French revolution at The Queens eight times a week. China Town all dressed up for the year of the Monkey to begin.

The 30 something women that sits down decide me head down eyes fixated on the screen of her phone. Long skirt and high buttoned up shirt and long coat, immaculate, hair in a bun and perfect skin with no make up,  A Liberian prim and proper at first glance you may believe. Yet at home she's the mistress stocking and suspenders blindfolds and handcuffs.

Another made up life that I created on the bus ride home this late friday afternoon.

©sarah jane patel


Sunday, 17 January 2016

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole I do fall. Where it goes to, I do not no.
To my dismay, Night becomes day and day becomes night.
Up becomes down, and down becomes right. 
Glasses re-emptying in to half full bottles. 
Cascading wine flowing backwards into the the bottle.
Fish with eagle wings, flying in the clouds.
Empty green bottles, with eyes and frowns.
Clocks running backwards, with red high heel stilettos .
Am I falling or am I rising. 
As down the rabbit hole I do go.

Smiles with no faces and disembodied voices.
Shapes changing colour that also change their shape.
Spinning villain faces upon a spring of a Jack-in-a-box face.

An uprooted apple tree, that floats upon the breeze.
Blossom pink flowers, that bloom in to green leaves.
Rapped growing fruit among the autumn changing leaves.
Falling from the branches and dancing in the non existing breeze.
Growing ever closer towards my falling gaze,
The flesh rotes away revealing its human skull seed.

The Viking dragon boats sailing out of water, 
With their magical devilish wings.
Dancing whales within the heavens with mythological spirit beings.
With a top hat and waistcoat swimming in champagne.
As the Viking Dragon boats chase a rainbow.
Red, yellow. Pink and green. around the apple tree
Flowers turn to fairies as lighting hits the leaves.

Whispers in the darkness, sends chills down my spine.
On this never ending circus ride.
With screams in corked glass jars.
crying, screaming to get out.
Un nerving sounds with what seams to have no cause. 
And floating broken mirror shards.
Reflecting unperfect sights.

Down deep into the rabbit hole I do fall.
In to the dark depths of my own psyche I do go.
Am I falling or am I rising. 

As down the rabbit hole I do go.

©2016 sarah jane patel

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Hello 2016

It is little over a week into 2016 and I have already managed to get myself back into old routine that for me over 2 years.
If I can keep this up,  I’ll be very happy. and hopefully I will succeed in achieving my goal’s for this year.
The past two years were not my friends, With distractions, bad vibes and people, and some big changes at work with a complete staff change with in two months, its been very much a mental and emotional roller coaster. 
So this new year is the all about keeping mind in a good place and not letting myself slip in to a dark rut with bad habits.

My Goals for 2016.

Clear mind and sole:
This may should like a strange title for this.
Its about creating a pleasant space to work and live in. tiding my home, clearing my desk from the pile of books and notebooks. My work space to work, my looker and my folders. 

Write books not Blogs:
Well maybe a bit of both. have notebooks full of ideas and posts just awing to be typed and published.
The plan is to post 3 time a month minimum. on my Vm post a new post at lest once month with a lot of past post editing 

Shout don’t whisper:
this is very much linked to the blogs, it is to be more active on social media, posting links to new posts and old posts. 

A book a day:
Well not really a book a day, a least to read every day on the bus home and on my break.

year before last (2014) I filled up 20 sketchbooks. Last year (2015) I filled up two. so this year I really want to do more drawing. 
I am thinking doing a sketch a day for one month then see if I can carry it on longer. I also have the “Anti Journal” which i want to work through.

52 Lists:
I found this book on Pintrest. each week you list things such as your goals for the year, your favourite books, music, I followed the like to amazon but found it was sold out. But I did found that i could view inside, and found that it had shots of the contents pages. So I took not of the lists and I am using a Moleskine sketchbook to create my own.

I have all my goals listed in my Midori along with a home made week to a view planer where I am writing a quote a day, or at least a note, its all inspiring.

I hope that i can keep up with the routine that I have got back in to so quickly and that I can complete my goals for this year and maybe even create more.

Wishing all a good 2016. Xx