Monday, 10 August 2015

Empty Pages

Trying to understand why there is nothing in this land that can make me understand that this book within my hand has nothing within its skin but the pages stitched within and nothing written within on the pages stitched within the black moleskine that sits within my hand upon my skin beneath my gaze and steering at the page contain-plating where to start steering at this empty page.

This empty page for empty thoughts upon the pages of the book with printed lines reminding me of empty thoughts and empty minds with no avail searching for inspiration to capture a sole and imagination with the pen within my hand upon the wordless pages your meant to read yet all I find is Shakespearian words in modern times with no meaning is all that comes to mind.

While I steer at the pages empty lines distractions come to fill my mind with horror stories and romantic lines to thrill and make you cry with a heroes tale and a villains smile upon these pages you will find all the tales from with in my mind yet all I that seams to come to mind is all the emptiness from within my mind

Looking back to open pages at wordless lines and blank pages contain-plating and unsure how to scribe random words and untold lies of horror ties and romantic lines yet all seams to come to mind   are random words and pretty lies to capture soles and make you cry is all that seams to come to mind.

Upon these page is my empty mind

©sarah jane patel

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