Friday, 28 August 2015

My Notes: UpComing Posts

With an empty purse, little under a week till pay day and a few days off, it is all about writing, blogging, drawing, and creating. (May be a little window shopping on the internet.)
Having tied up my desk and I have sitting beside me my note books, Traveler's notebooks and sketchbooks siting beside me waiting to be filled, and content typed up.
It has been a while scene I had the mental energy to really writing anything. It has been as thought someone had put a sack over my head and rapped me in chains and put me in a box. But over the past week I have had an inspiration wave and energy, writing notes when ever I can, in cafe’s, on the bus, train. If I don't have a notebook to hand then I turn to my phone, My poor little Nokia phone I don't think has every been used so much, as it can only hold 30 notes the saved text's are quite high.
I have lists of future posts and projects to do and write about. I am just hoping that this enlightened energy lasts.

  • Film reviews: I started with one at the beginning of this year with 'The Only Lovers Left Alive'. I have notes on more films, and after my last post on '100 Films By Female Directors', and with some of the ones I have already seen that have been directed by a woman now seams like know better time to writer about them.
  • Closed doors: This is a short store that I have been writing. It tells the store of a glamorise relationship between an English actor and his University sweet heart. yet all the glamor dose not hide all the cracks. I have been working on this scene the end of last year Its not going to be a lengthy piece. around about the length of 'Diary of depression'. Planing to post the first draft at the start new year.
  • Diary of depression: I am currently on the next draft working through changing and improving.
  • Notebook of a girl: This is a continuing series of posts, which I have to admit I am not 100% sure were it is go to go. It is some what of a evolving peace that is mostly inspired by things that I see, Written through a fictional girl, who’s own life is still some what of a mystery to myself. This is more of an spontaneous series of posts to be honest.
  • Bonnie: Ever scene I was a teenager I have always been interesting in Bonnie and Clyde and wanted to write a fictional story loosely based on these two character. Which I have now started to draft out. I think that I will be posting it along the same way that I have with Notebook of a girl. as a series.
  • 50 blog posts ideas for when you have writers blog: I have read a lot of these lists over the past few months over Bloglovin’. All of which are very samey. ‘whats in your bag’ ‘shear your blog tips’ I have saved 10 lists and I am planing to create my own with a little of my originality (I hope).
  • EarthBound: Another little short story, This has a little religious them to it, well an angelic theme. This was inspired by my Drama Monologue 'Lucifer’s Prayer'.
  • Alone again: On the back Burner short story. I go back to it every now and then. Its a fair ground romance that I started in 2012
  • Bethany: This is another on the back burner story. this one I stared in 2012. A vampire story with out to much lovey dovey romance. I not a fan of that with horrors or vampire stories.
  • In depth post on; Closed doors, EarthBound, Alone again and Bethany: I’ll show you my note books with research and the drafts, and the random little sketch’s that I do when I get the idea of how I want something to look, It helps me to visualise and describe what I want.
  • Scripts: These are form when I was in college studying Drama they go form witch’s, war poetry, classic children's stories, to some very weird and disturbing themes. This may take a little longer to type and publish as all I have left are some my notes. I will do the same as I did for 'Mad Hatters Last Tea Party' and change little bits and add some up to date references. 
  • The occurrence of hating people: To be a slightly comical series of posts. I started drafting this out at the start of the year, but as of yet I have no stared to type it up.
  • How I'm using my planers?: This will be an follow up at the end of the year, beginning of 2016 on my Filofax and Traveler's notebooks. A n up date on the posts which I have done 'My Traveler's NoteBooks' and 'My Filofax's'.

Along with these I also have some random other posts of creative writing.  I have been looking back over my post the last day and I have found that some have drifted off of the original concept for this blog. Even though at first it was not that clear to me when I started but as time went on it be came where I could post my writing, (weather good or not) For me I was and still is an out let. Over the past year I have found myself posting revues and trip posts. My art has its own place at 'My Theory Of The Crows BlogSpot', along with my photos. Then there is my Visual Merchandising blog, 'Visual Merchandising 101'Which holds my online Portfolio, CV and all my visual merchandising notes. Both of which have been a little slow, I'm hoping now that I can once more be more creative and productive with all them.

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