Friday, 6 July 2012

So welcome to my head. A jumbled mixture of random things.

So welcome to my head!

When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, I was not sure what I was going to be using it for, or even if I would use it beyond the first post of drawings of Hell boy and Serenity DVD covers.To be fair I still don’t know what I’m really using it for. The only way I can describe it is a jumbled mixture of random pitchers of drawings and writing….
So welcome to my head!
With a collection of un-fished drawings, paintings, knitted jumpers and half made dresses as well as four un-completed short stories on the go, my head is constantly in fifth gear and I find I can not type or write with a pen as quick as my mind turns out ideas or even find the time to complete them all.
At work I have scraps of paper in my pocket with notes on for my books and when I get home I sit and type them up so at least they are getting worked on.
What I hate the most is that when I am typing things up I find that there seams to be a constant red wiggery line under what I write… well what I type. When I write the pen does as I tell it, apart from getting lost in my bag.

I always enjoyed the creative writing in school. It was always something that they got us doing. Write scene’s X, Y and Z from Shakespeare’s Macbeth as if it were a novel rather then a script.
In all fairness I think it was the teachers way of hoping and praying we might pass our exams. In the bottom sets of English in one class you had all those who were dyslexic and in the other those who were border line, which I never under stood border line dyslexia, if your not dyslexic but not average then what dose that make me/you? Stupid?
Any way…
When I was in college I would write pieces for my performing arts course, a lot of which was never used as I was told it was too; dark / violent / sick / twisted, one or more of those comments was used.
Once I had fished college the only thing I found myself writing was cue sheets, show reports, production notes and how was going to kill that little pervert of a stage manger. When I started working in retail I found that the only thing I was writing was the time  I finished and started work. So after I moved to London and started my new job. Fining myself with a little more less money then before and a head racing with ideas I decided to put them on to paper…
Fuck me that was easier said then done. The dyslexic curse struck again, it felt like I was learning to write again,  nothing looked right. Letters back too front and new words invented.
Reading I’m fine with, a little slow but, hay.
After a year its not so bad putting pen to paper. Its just the typing part with that little red wiggery line that keeps appearing. I've tried using tip-ex but it don't work.

I will start putting on here some of my P.A. pieces on here... At some point. In between drawing painting and knitting.
For me writing is my way of keeping sane or at least saneish. To keep my brain working when there is nothing to do to prove t my self I can do this. If at some point I can make some money from it even better. But I wont hold my breather as I might die. (But if I did I would go and stand at the top of my home town high street, flash my tits with the words “up yours all those how didn’t believe in me”)

So welcome to my head/ blog. A jumbled mixture of random things.

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