Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hela Lokis'Daughter

On Odin’s command. I, Hela, the most terrible of monsters and women, the strange daughter of Loki and the witch-mother of Jothunheim, sank throw the earth downwards to the abyss of abssess.
Where in the cold dark realm of Niflenim, I made my home called Helheim, nine kingdoms wide and deep. I sit with a crown upon my brow and a scepter in my white flesh-less hand, on my thrown as queen, goddess of death. Half corpse half queen.

If my father the trickster, the misleader, tormentor. and I, the loving daughter the keeper and  punisher of the dead for their sins. What a fine wicked partnership there be, if we should work together father and take what it is that we want. What a powerful union it would be.

In each realm, I have my form, the wicked sweet child, the begging hag, the woman your husband just gave a second look…
And you may ask what has brought me here from my land of shadows… it is your white hair, and your wrinkled face…weary limes and tired dull ears. For these reasons I am preparing a lace for you in my kingdom, where I have provide you with a bed of unrest hug with curtains of weariness and the walls furnished with despair.”

In my cold dark twist mind and pulse-less heart. In the darkness where the sun dares not shine, and bodiless spirits wander. I crave more. More power. Another kingdom, a land where I can be the plague, dread and misery of man kind…. I want Earth…

He stands in front of me. With eager hands he pushes the straps of my dress off my  soft shoulders and my green dress falls to the floor. He pulls me close to him. as he bits my neck I see my in  the mirror his naked back with his arms caressing me. I look my self in the eye as I see my true face looking back.
I kiss his neck with my soft cold lips. At that second of my touch his lifeless body falls to the floor and his sole leaves his worthless shell. I open the ground and cast it to Helheim. I look up at my naked reflection  In the mirror and I smile wickedly to myself.

I sit leaning against the wall of the canal bridge, crying. A small helpless little girl lost in a strange city.
A kind woman stops and knells beside me. “What’s wrong my darling. Where’s your parents?” she asks. I wipe the tears away and look up at her. “I  cant find my daddy.” she smiles and takes my cold hand in hers. “lets go and find some one that can help us hind him shale we.” I smile back at her and throw my arms around her. As I do her worthless cold corps falls to the ground. I pull my hood up on my top as her spirit leaves the lifeless shell. I smile at  the frightened thing. “didn't your mummy ever tell you not to speak to strangers?”  I watch wide eyed as she is swallowed up by the whirl pool with in the canal and then closes its dark water behind her. I turn and skip along the tow path singing to myself “oranges and lemons…”

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