Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain!

I up dated my CV the other day. And after realizing it had gone over to page three i wish i could read as simple as this:
jobs: stage crew, LX crew,stage LX,  LX board op, sound crew, sound op, follow spot op and designer, pyrotechnic crew, technical ASM, technical SM, rigger, flywoman, runner,set builder/designer/painter, prop builder, catering staff, bar staff, sales assistant, supervisor sales floor/department manager, VM associate. window dresser, cash office staff, cleaner.... I'm dame sure there's more i just chose not to remember them.
So in short. i have and had, the power to decided who is talented enough to be heard, seen in the light and not cut short in a black out, Who deserves their 15 minuets in the lime light (the spot light). if the acting's bad then up stage it with some dazzling art (set) and a fur hundred explosions of confetti and glitter pyro's. (cos every on loves glitter when i'm around ;-) )
Whom shale survive, the rouge run-a-way flight case on a raked stage that is heading straight to the band pit with 3 crew in it. weather things shale fall, form heavens (the grid). and weather that piece of set behind you shale be static or not...
Deciding whom deserves good food, good drink, good service, or a refund.
So if you ask...
lol. luv sarah the crazy little techy. xXx

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