Thursday, 1 May 2014

Summer will never die

The landscape looks so bland now.
With its pallet of shades of green changing to golden brown.
Against a sky of grey and white.
I long for the summer time.
Where we danced all night long, around the camp fire.
On the beach of golden sands.
You held me tight.
As the tide rised high,
you held my hand as we dived in to the deep blue of the sea.
With the windows rolled down, and you pink shades on.
The music up loud and sing along.
While painting your toes, with you with feet on the dash of beaten up ford.
Days could not get in better in the heat of the summer drives.
With the sun sitting low in the cold blue sky.
And the grey icey wave crashing on the faded golden sands.
Scarves pulled up high round my neck,
Cutting out the sharp cold winter wind.
I  look at you still with your pink shads on, wrapped up warm,
with your hat pulled down and your summer olive skin still glowing warm,
against your sun kissed hair.
And behind the pink shades, your warm summer blue eyes looking in to mine as you take my hand.
Reminding me that that summer will never end.

© sarah patel 2014

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