Friday, 7 November 2014

Make Up Effects

Out of pure curiosity of wanting to no how to use Derma Wax, during a very slow day I decided to have a play. I opened a pot of Grimas Derma Wax, Black, and Red water based face and body paint, and a tube of Film Blood B and I started to play. 
The Whole idea of using this product seamed to come very natural to me. I love it, the only thing is, is cleaning it of your skin, as it takes a little time. 
The next to images of a cut wrist effect, I also used a little liquid latex and tissue paper to help create a ripped flesh look. Good effect for a machine wound.

The knife through the hand is created using a toy sliding dagger, Derma wax and spirit gum to stick the blade and the hilt to my hand. with a lot of blood.

Slit wrists. created with Derma Wax black and red paint and film blood B
A stapled hand. Braking up a strip of staples and using 2 stuck together, I pushed them in to the Drema Wax after creating the cut line with the end of the paint brush, then painting around it and in the cut grove. 
Lovely gruesome stuff
Why use Red Paint?
The red paint is lighter then The Film Blood B. The paint drys while the blood dose not this helps to create different shades of drying blood.
Why not use Film Blood A and B you may ask?
aAs the blood dose not dry if you put one then paint on the other they are going to mix and you don't get the same effect.
And the black paint?
The black creates the clotted blood look. Makes it look less a fresh wound and makes it more gruesome and a little more real.

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