Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Brand New Year. Me & My Filofax.

With the start of this year (2015) I have decided to try and be more proactive and organised with my blogs, Job hunting and well every thing.
Over the past two years every todo list, shopping list, and blog todo list has been put on a post it note or scrap of paper and 90% of the time they have been misplaced or put in my back pocket and yes, put through the wash.

Having three days off over Christmas I dug out my old Filofaxes. Yes Filofax’s I have more then one, in fact I have 7 personal planer size, one A5 size, as well as two A4 folders and two A5 flex Filofaxes all of witch have been used or still are being used.
I sat down and looked for refills and printable pages from the pintrest, goggle, and and sights. I ended up watching a load of videos on You tube of other peoples planers. Wow there are a lot of them, some of them are a little samey but all were good to watch. its a insight in to peoples lives creativity and personality, especially those how have blogs and independent businesses.
During my evenings between Christmas and new year I set about emptying my A5 Filofax and stating to set it up and organise it, so that I can keep track of my posts for My Visual Merchandising blog, keeping my portfolio pages up to date, shop reviews, scrap book photo posts, and all the other posts that i need to finish, start and update. as well as its linked Tumblr, instagram, Facebook, and Goggle +.
And for this sight, my blog posts, short stores, and scripts that I still need to type up.and all the other confusing random posts that I have in my note pads.

A Bit About My FiloFaxes.
I have four Domino personal sizes in Gold, Red, Blue, and Bright Pink. 
A personal size Mistral
A personal size Finsbury in Green leather. 
A Graphic Microfibre personal size in Burnt Orange.
An A4 Domino folder in Navy Blue.
An A4 Finsbury in Green leather.
An A5 Finchley in Vintage Rose leather.
Two A5 Flex in Black and Magenta.
The very first Filofax that I brought was a gold personal Domino Which went out on tour with me, holding my production todo notes, shopping lists, hotel and travel details, company, crew and cast details, and my train tickets. A long with my 99p store A4 ring binder holding the script and scores, these were my bible. 

I brought my Finchley in 2006 back in 2006 in Tk Maxx for under £25 (what a find). It has hardly been used as I used it at home keeping track of work and social events. as well as a note pad. when I moved it got put in the book case and forgotten about.
My Finsbury green personal, which I also purchased in 2006 along with the matching A4 folder went every where with me for a year then I slowly brought the Domino’s changing them each year until December 2012 when I decided to use a normal diary, to use as planer and blog planer but they soon became redundant, through the lack of space and the limitation within them.

In 2007 I started working as a Visual Merchandiser, where I ended up using both my Personal and A4 folder.
Over the next four years I used a personal size fo r day to day use, noting when and where I was working, travel details and any information if I needed to stay over somewhere.
Along with a one day per page 45 diary (also known as ‘the brick’ due to its side) which went with me. This had todo lists, event plans, window changes, department moves, mannequin changes, figures and any other information that I needed. 
As well as one of my A4 folders which had staff training notes and any other print outs that I needed.
(This dose not  include the year, month and day check lists and planers that were kept at the store.)
I wish I still had the contents to show as, If I do say so myself was immaculately organised on my behalf.
My Graphic Microfibre personal size in Burnt Orange (Again a Tk Maxx under £20 buy) I use as a address and Birthday book. A very simple lay out using the dividers it came with and extra paper added.
The navy blue A4 Domino folder I currently keep window designs of work and for my blog in. 
The two A5 Flex in Black and Magenta, I am using to keep a sketch book in and note pad, which stay in my bag, so when I am out and about and I see something I want to sketch or make a not off they are both to hand, as well s they protect the pads. I only take one out at a time so I switch between them depending on weather I am feeling girly or goth.
My A5 Finchley, Vintage Rose, I am currently setting up as my blog and job planer. and my old faithful green personal Finsbury as my general day to day planer.
The others are sitting happily on my shelf awaiting a job. Which I am sure I will find.

As of yet I Have not finished putting in all the pages in to my Vintage Rose planer, once I’ve filled it I will post the lay out, and weather It is helping me be more productive with the posting on my sights. and my job searching.

Happy New Year to all. 

Sarah. XxX

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