Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Girl of Venezia

Dressed in pink, lilac and gold, silk, cotton and lace.
Upon a bridge of ancient stone she stands.
With a china painted face of gold and cream, and stones like stars upon her brow.
Gazing at the river of water flowing silently below. As candles flicker and glow on steps  that lead down into the black turquoise logon night waters.
Light beams track through the air from open shutters, from a sulpha mist hanging in the air from the fireworks in San Marco square.
Music and song echo around the labyrinth of narrow streets lit only by shop lights, and iron ornate lanterns hanging on the cross roads of paths, and the white blue fairy lights draped between shops on tourist trap streets. 
With Bright blue eyes framed with black shadow paint, they watch the floating candles and flowers of red, yellow and orange  move slowly along their watery path leading out to sea.

On The Ponte di Rialto they do stand. Bauta, Columbina, Servetta Muta, Volto, Pantatlone, Arlecchion, Zanni, the Mask maker, Joker and the Doctor.
With strange ghosty movements and darting eyes.
Dressed all in Black, red and gold.
Hand in hand and arm in arm. 
In dancing movements they move towards the lapping waters of the grand canal. 
The echoing drum of the gondola as they kiss on the waves. 
the distant sound of gondoliers song can be heard. echoing along the waters path.
With laughter, the high tide they wade, like black ghosts. 
Their footsteps echo, as they move slowly along the stone roads, in search of the girl in pink, lilac and gold.

Through cold salty waters she treads. 
The bottom of her gowned turned darker shades of pink and lilac and heavy.
Throw the flooded streets she walks heading to San Marco square.
Flooded with candle light and lanterns hanging in across the square, 
Packed with masked faces and ball gowns, and capes, steering judging eyes from each face she sees.
Looking. Searching.
A cross the crowed square a glance of prying eyes behind Black red and gold, watching. plotting, hand in hand and arm in arm the steer at every move she makes.
A whisper in the ear of Columbina from Zanni, With his black red long nose. A tipped head in laughter from Columbina of secret unheard.
Un-easy and unsure the girl try’s slowly to move through the crowed. 
A white gloved hand reaches form the crowd and takes hold of hers startling her, she looks and sees the smiling eyes of piecing blue behind a mask of dark cream and gold. Dressed in dark pink, lilac and gold.

A loving hand guiding her away from the watchful eyes, of a haunting group in black, red and gold.

© sarah jane patel

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