Thursday, 30 March 2017

The Cutting Room Floor.

Scattered cells of inverted colours and monochrome stills. 
Lay over a matte black floor scared with lines and holes 
showing through as concrete white.
With out of focus prints and cut up silhouettes.
Chemical smells lingering in the dark red light.
The echoing tick of the timer haunting the air.
With a tray of transparent fluid slowly.
An image magical appears upon the red tinted white paper. 
Fading slowly from greys to black.
A fading memory, coming it to focus from what seams so ago.
Forever captured on negative film and positive photo paper.

Once close friends and places, that we back then loved and visited.
Now hardly seen or not even seen at all. 
Visited only on this cutting room floor of memory.
Names now almost forgotten drawn in sand of a black and white memory, 
built out of stone on black and white green grass art developed moment. 
Frozen forever in a out of focus black and white dream.

The echoing ticking of the timer that haunts the air. 
lingers link the song we once listened to.
A tune with no lyrics sits in my head.
As I look at these black and white stills
From a a life that seams so long ago.
So many unrecognisable face and place.
amongst those so familiar, 
In these fading memories from what seams so long ago.

Places that once were our playgrounds, change and change again.
Like the faces of once close friends fade to new. 
leaving the friends from so long just a forever frozen, out of focus 
black and white dream.
On the cutting room floor of memories.

© sarah jane patel 2017

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