Sunday, 10 June 2018

Once Upon A Midnight Dream.

Once upon a midnight dream.
We found our selfs lost upon a tranquil sea.
With no wind to steer us, and only the stars to guide us. 
And the moon to light our way

One thousand stars above shine down.
And one thousand stars below look up.
No horizon we do see, to divide the heavens from this tranquil sea

Looking deep down to within the dark blue sea.
I watch and see, the blue green glow of algae down below, 
Shadows of fish and jelly fish dance,  
Putting on a show, just for me and you.
Beneath the still calm surface, of this tranquil sea

With in this boat there is you and me. 
And others that are lost upon this midnight sea.
No words are said between you and me.
No words are spoken by those of us lost upon this tranquil sea

Shooting stars up lift our gaze as they shower across the moon lit sky.
And one by one they slip away. 
Bound the horizon. Are they guiding our way?

With in this midnight dream it seams we are joined by others lost upon this tranquil sea. 
In these boats there's them and we. 
With no wind to steer us, and only the stars to guide us. 
And the moon to light our way

A soft sung melody can be heard. 
From where it comes I do not know.
Yet softens and comforts all of those with in these boats,
slowly drifting through this midnight dream.

Behind each boat we leave a trail.
Of moving stars in gentle ripples, 
And shades of blue and indigo, and rainbows in between,

In the distance I suddenly see.
A shadow moving a head of me.
And all of us floating upon this midnight sea.
A single boat, with a single traveler back lit buy the rising moons face.

Within these boats there's just you and me. And lost, upon this tranquil sea.
With no wind to steer us, 
And only the moon to light our way.
Guided by this ferry man on this endless midnight dream.

It now might seam we're are not so lost upon this tranquil sea.

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