Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lucifer's prayer

“There are many stores, each told by so many in so many in different ways. From the Far East to the modern west, each of them clamming that there’s is the one true God.
Who am I to judge which is right? 
I once used to believe, but now … Now I’m not so sure.

Abandoned by my own father, for what? Being disloyal or being too loyal?
My love for him made me rise so high and strong; did that not mean anything to him? My service? my loyalty? Obverserly not…
He told us too bow down to him and him alone, which we did with all our hearts.
But he cast me down. I fell so far, for what? Not knelling down before his new creation, his pets.
Why farther?

My brothers and sisters. Divided by our loyaltys. Those who obeyed and bowed down to them, and those that would not. As they could not understand why our father no longer wanted  them to serve him, bow down to him, Love him  as we had always done.
Why did you cast me down to an eternity solitude and darkness? 
Out of all of us that question your command, Why did you cast me down so far? I don’t understand?

I was proud to serve you, proud do to what ever you commandeered of me
You asked me to go to them, to help and guide them to you, and what did your pets do to me? 
They nailed me to a cross and left me to die. 
You resurrected me so I could stand by your side once more.
But What did you expect me to do father when you stood before us and commanded us to knell before them after what they had done to me? 
I had done as you had commandeered of me, I died for you. Wasn’t that enough to show my devotion… 
When I questioned your commandment you cast me to hell to be feared by all

(You sent my brother to help and guide them to them, and what did your pets do? 
They nailed him to the cross and left him to die! Yet you found it in yourself to forgive them. 
But not your own child. I would have died for you as had if that is what you wished. 
Instead you cast me to hell to be feared by all.)

Yet you fear me more them him! 
You forget that he cast you down to earth from paradise due to the sin of one, without a single thought for the rest of you pets! 
He sent plagues and floods. Yet you worship him hoping he will welcome you with open arms. 
You found it in yourself to forgive them. But not your own child.
Hell has no furry like heaven.

My name is Morning Star, the Light Bearer. I Am the first the eldest, the most loyal devoted servant.
See my power on high.

Forgive me farther for I have sinned,  forgive me for what I have done. For questioning your word. For not obeying you. I beg for your forgiveness and for you to allow me to return home. Allow me to server you as I once did. Please farther here my prey… 
I’ll do as you command of me…
Gabriel, Raphael, Cassiel, my brothers my sisters, forgive me  for dividing heaven.
Farther forgive my brothers and sisters that stood beside me that day. 
We thought you had asked what you had, because you loved them more, and us no longer.
I will be proud to obey, I will be proud to serve once again.
Please farther forgive your son. All I want is to be by your side once more.

He doesn’t hear my prayer. If he doesn’t hear me, what makes you think he hears you?
My fallen sisters and brothers pray eternally, waiting for forgiveness, to ascend and be resurrected in heaven once more. 
He does not answer, he does not hear.
Our fathers prayer, the lords prayer, asking for our forgiveness, yet you took it from us, to use for yourselves! What do you need forgiveness for? He favoured you over us.
You are the reason for my fall from grace. You are the reason for the war in heaven.
You are the reason!

I am Lucifer. The devil, satin. I am the angel of hell. 
I will ascend. Ascend above the clouds, in to heaven. 
I will exalt my throne above the stars of gods, my brothers and sister.
And you shale see my power on high!

I was betrayed by my own brother. Who stood beside him and help to cast me to hell.
He doesn’t care what happens to me, why would you think he will be there for you!
He is not all forgiving, not all loving.
Heaven will have no fury as hell will.
I will ascend in to heaven.
And you will see my power on high.
And you will bow before me. With My brothers and sisters
He can not save you. Do you want to no why.
Because God does not live here any more. So go to hell!"

Image: This is one of painting that have edited the contrast. You can see the original painting, "Heat Of The Sun" on my art blog,  MyTheoryOfThecrows.Blogspot.com HERE 

I am the most un-religious person you could find. but i am fascinated  by the stores told by religions. This piece i wrote as a performance piece in 2000 and takes just under 10 minuets. (it's better performed then read). It is Lucifer's prayer to god for forgiveness.

©2012 sarah patel

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