Wednesday, 30 May 2012

To all the troops

To all the troops

Lest we forget what they have given,
Their lives in service for us to live, 
in freedom and safety and not in fear, 
for if we do it would have all been in vain.

For those who are serving and those who have served,
from us we thank you for what you have given.

The husbands and wives you left behind.
The mothers and fathers, who count the hours till their baby’s return
We think of you every day while your away.
And hope and pray you’ll retune one day safe to their arms and never go away 

To my friend , and hers, who are serving, I thank. And I pray to heaven or hell for their safe return,
To my friend who served, and came home safe to his two lovely children and wife.
To my good friends husband for staying safe .To her and their children for their support.
So here we say thanks to all those in service. 

Those who gave so mach and did not retune.
To your husband and wife, partner and parent.
To your children. These words can not and will dry your tears.
I stand and say thank you for or you and they have gave.

Shale will forget what they have given
I fear we will lose our freedom and safety
And all that they have given will all be in vain.

This is for our troops, the army the air force and the navy.
The fire service, the police, paramedics and life guards.
To all those in service and those how have served, home and away,
To the family’s of the lost.
We tack of our hats and Salute you all, for all you have give and all you have lost
We thank you.

Lest we forget.

©2012 sarah patel

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