Monday, 6 August 2012


I joined Twitter the around the same time that I started this blog. The only reason was to see what all the fuss was about. In the words of one Tweeter:
“Twitter looks boring on the outside, but once you start using it, it's like fucking Narnia... “
It's true it is, and like any social networks addictive
I’ve been following friends, and company’s as well as some celebrities. I have to say though twitter is stalking made legal, there are some crazy, crazy people out there and they can all be found in one place.
It also has its good points. For company’s especially independent ones to promote themselves, as well as writers artists and actors.
A part of me thinks that for a list actors -mainly male actors- it’s an e-go boost tool, with fans sending crazy messages of love and how good they are and other scary shit. Understandable this has been happening for years with fans stalking there hero’s, but these networks -and the internet- just make it easier for people. even with the safe guards in place of being able to block people and reporting them.
Then there's the role playing where people can pretend to be a fictional characters. Most popular at the moment are the marvel character from the #Advengers, the most popular being Loki Laufeyson, oh fuck, the amount of Thor's and Loki Laufeyson's is unbelievable, all with a picture of Tom Hiddleston (@twhiddleston) as the character, its crazy. And kind’a scary. As well as most of them are young girls 18 and under. A lot them involved in role plays. I’m not a mum but I am an auntie to a young boy and have a lot of younger cousins and I have to say It scares me.

It’s a place where all these’s crazes can meet and exchange info of where Celeb’s have been seen and where they are and will be and when who with.
 I’d love to team up with one or more of these Celeb’s just to have some fun tormenting some of these fans. Very mean really, but I’m very mischievous.
It’s way to easy to get lost in it for hours at a time talking to people and only being able to type 140 characters at a time don’t help. There are some people that I've been following have two or three accounts. All I can say is that they have way to much time on there hands.

Yes I do use it. I tweet shit, Lyrics, Quotes, and drawings, but personal I don’t understand it.
When I started work at 16 in my local theater as a technician (thankfully I decide to drop out of acting cos I could have ended up with twitter stalkers) we’d all go out drinking with the cast and crews, if there was a actor/actress/musician/singer on the show you admired you’d  you’d buy them a drink “good job. keep it up” and you’d start talking about cooking or something, non of this “mushy pea” shit. (Even now I’m not like it I’ll shake their hand and pretend their that crazy nut that lives in the flat down stairs.)

So basically twitter amuses me and scary’s the fuck out of me at the same time.
(i don't mean to offend or upset anyone with this post, so blue sky's and rainbows to all xXx)

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