Friday, 3 August 2012

For I am but the shadow of your own true self.

I hide in the dark, of the shadows, away from light and watchful eyes.
I observe all that is and what once was.
In the darken shadows I see you, in your own true light.
Behind closed doors I see the real you.
The tempter the temptress
The miss-leader of all the fallen soles,
whom have fallen from the kiss and spoken words from your soft sweet lips.
With each word spoken a drug infecting.
With each kiss of your crimson lips, a poison killing
I see the love and passion burning deep within.
Yearning for more..
You crave all that you don’t possess
And despise all that you have.
I know what drives you, pushes you on.
All your fear and all your desire, your rage, your love… and compassion
I stand in shadow within your mirrored reflection, 
I've seen you grow. I've seen you change
Yet you look throw me as if i do not exist.
But i see you.
I Know you.
For I am but the shadow of your own true self

So as I now stand over this lifeless decaying corps.
The dark twisted dreams ,that once so real, 
Now scattered to the winds…
living on for ever 
In the dreams of those so innocent
Throw written words, and spoken tales 
Never forgotten, and always feared.
Reborn within another,
This shadow of your own true self.

© sarah patel

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