Wednesday, 2 January 2013

To blog or not to blog and what to blog

I've just been reading through the January edition of #Company magazine, its Super Blogger edition.
its a good read with good advice if you blog fashion, even then it seamed directed to high end expensive fashion. As well as the places to be seen in London. understandable as it is a fashion magazine. the a - z on things has good tips,

If I had started this blog 5 years ago then yes I can image that it would revolve around around fashion.
Working in retail as a visual merchandiser my small office (and even my locker) would be fall of fashion magazines such as Elle, Elle home, vogue Harper's Bazaar. as well as photos of other shop windows and photos, from mags and papers of peoples styles.
I followed fashion religiously for inspiration for mannequin dressing, displays as well as windows. In work I would be wearing black trousers and black shirt out side work you would find me then and now in jeans
T-shirt or shirt and flats, in the summer a dress of some sought all brought in the sales. High end fashion is not me, high heal shoes? sorry i don't put my self through pain for fashion, but yes I have heals but I hardly wear them. but when i do i go all out, dress, hair, make up. I still follow fashion not just as much as I use to.

So my blog is now full of randomness. my drawings and writing its my random world.
Any one that is writing a blog or thinking of starting one, you have to write about what you love and not just go with what is popular and in trend. Set a twitter account up if possible with the same name as the blog. and tweet your posts and random comments and pics if its about whats happening in the news fashion or even if it is a diary you got to love it and not care what others might think of it. That's on of the best things you can see if people have read your blog if they don't leave a comment then they must have liked it, because no news is good news.

I know people whom have blogs to put their art work on and photos, why not, I have. Its got art work and designs on their going back to before I started college.
I think a post a day for some people, especial me is a hard thing to do. I don't  get in from work till late so the past year it has worked out that I have posted something each week. hopefully this year i can increase that, if not never mind. my current aim is to finish my 3 short story's by the end of the year. hopefully before.

So this is my first post of 2013. ten thousand ideas and projects running throw my head I hope that i can finish some of then this year. rather then the pill of unfinished stuff that sits on my desks gathering dust

So happy 2013
love sarah xXx

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