Friday, 11 January 2013

Tattoos in fashion

Over the years tattoos have become quite the fashion statement. with celebs flashing off their new and old art work.Some have a small pieces of art work, while others go the extreme with sleeves, neck and chest pieces.

I say art work, even tho i knot that some people my not agree, the images that these tattooist produce are amazing piece of art. some tattoos that i have seen have not been as good on the skin as the flash, but you have to remember that it is a compleatly different kind of canvas and median to paper and pencil.

Tattoo flashes have become some what of a common style  used in fashion, more so the vintage designs. used on clothing and on accsesorise with this becoming a growing trend, no wonder people are joining this fashion trend.

It used to be that if you want to be unique then having a tattoo was the thing to do. But now not having a tattoo is the unique. A lot of people have one done just for the sake of having one done, picking an image that looks good. While others can spend years planning the design.

A lot of companies (mainly retail) frown upon tattoos, asks their employees to cove them up. Which in a way I can see there point… and here comes the but…
I have been turned down jobs because I’ve looked to young, even though I had the experience needed. I’ve also been in a job were all the women were asked to wear make up, which did not go down well.
I don’t see how having a tattoo stops you from delivering excellent customer service, with it be in a shop or a call center.
In a way they have always been linked with the unsocial side of society.  But in this grow world were the new generation, leave school and in a lot cases are unsure which path to taking in there life., experiment and fall in love with the art of tattoos.
Employers I think to be a little more open minded and not judge the person by there tattoos, especially as fashion and the entertainment retails have helped inspire them to express themselves in this manner.

I my self have four tattoos. One on each arm and two on my back.

The first one that I had done was on my arm when I was 18. I spent all off an hour deciding on it.
This is the original design which I changed slightly so that the brake was an “S” for sarah.

The second is at the bottom of my back this I spent ages look of some thing. When I saw this one it had to be. This phoenix to me has a meaning which is the best reason I think to have a tattoo done.

The one at the top of my bake is across my shoulders as is an on going design. (which to date-5 years- I have not yet completely worked out the next part)

I have always wanted a pentagram done but never could find the right one. Until I found this one. It is a Wicca protection talisman. There is some thing that I fell in love with.  

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