Friday, 22 February 2013

The darkness within.

There is a darkness with in each of us.
It slowly consumes and destroys. 
Like a black hole, it sucks in all light, life and hope.
It’s a disease that’s is patent, it waits and kills slowly. Dissolving all that is good.
Within each and every mind it spins and creates a different web of sadness, anger and evil.
Some are strong and can hold it back. 
In a box or behind a door in the back of their mind, where it stays.
Others it consumes them, controls them. 
Death, murder, and rape are its whores.
It drains all hope and will, leaving you num from all emotion.
It can appear like lighting, crushing like a slug under a rock.
Or slowly like a rising tide. Suffocating, destroying the will to live.
Its like a peachier waking from death and realising that there is no life after. No light in the dark.
Just blackness and stillness.
So what has he to live for when his faith and belief is shattered and lays at his feet.
Where do you go now. When all you see is dark 
Like a dark cloud, it appears darker then night. And  seeps out from behind the door. 
Storm clouds of  anger, hate and fear. A thick black fog that blinds.
It may feel like there is nothing but darkness, despair, and hopelessness.
Fear in the dark. Screaming but know one hears.
Alone in your our personal darkened  hell.

But look there…
The dine flicker of candle light.
Within the darkness, within.

©Sarah Patel 2013

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