Tuesday, 5 March 2013

World book day

It has been one crazy, crazy day at work. with world book week upon us and last minuet buys happening there's not a lot left. Harry Potter was the stock to go. bit i have to say this year has been quit an eye opener, as there has been more children coming in armed with a book wanting to make up a costume for their favorite character. one boy was inspired to dress up as a character from a poem  Its such a cool thing to see a kid with a book, but still there are to many -for my liking- wanting to dress up as super Mario and sonic the hedgehog and other computer game and film characters.                                                                                                      

Not many have asked about fox masks. The quick fix for any mum that just cant be bothered, and when we sell out and we suggest another animal, they look at you confused and blank. "The wind in the Willows" parents please.

I had a conversation with a teacher today who was dressing up as Batman, we decided that we will let of the kids that wanted to dress up as comic book character, because these can and be just as good, at least  the child is reading.                                                                                              

There are so many books that have been made in to films which in their own right are as popular as the book its self  -or in some case maybe more-. The whole idea of reading too some seams alien and obscure -that i find it alien.
reading not only allows you to escape in to some one else world. But in away it lets in into their mind, the way they think. maybe even their inner-desires.

Growing up i can remember most of my costumes  were home made, it was all part of the fun. when you suggest making something to  the parents, the look of fear that comes to their face makes me smile inside, especially if the child is with them and they look excited over the idea of making it.                
I think its the little devil in me liking the idea of teasing and tormenting.

So with only a fur days left, parent's are you ready... and No Jack Sparrow is not a good idea, nether is 'where's wally' or 'star wars'.

smile no mater what. sarah. xx

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