Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher

For the past week Baroness Margaret Thatcher has laid to rest in the funeral directors round the corner from were I work, with a 24 hour guard.
Today at 2:30 under the escort of six police motor bikes and two police cars, she was taken to Westminster to await her funeral at St. Paul’s. Her coffin covered by the Union flag  and a bouquet of white flowers

Those of us from our office that could, stood outside to pay respect, along with others from the area, to the former Prim Minster of the United Kingdom. As she left there was around of applause - I can only hope out of respect.

With the threat of protests at her state funeral tomorrow (17th April 2013)  like  those on Saturday. The thing that struck me was that the majority seamed to be around my age (30). Which meant most of then were only babes during her term in office.

I personally don’t see how any of them, in fact any one can be pleased that see is dead.
Those who are going around sing ‘the wicked witch is dead’ I think need to think. (I have to admit that one of the songs from Billy Eliot goes through my head).

What decisions she made while she was Prim Minister, can not be changed. Weather we see them as good or bad, may, still be visible today but the same can be said about Churchill and Hitler.

I see it, that the Prim Minister is the face of the government. The one that makes the hard choices. (Could you decided to send 4000 men and women to war to save 8000?)

She will always be remembered as the ‘Iron Lady’ and the woman that brought the ‘winter of discontent’. but the same can be said about all Prim Ministers. They will always be remember for the worse things that happened during their time in power. - Tony Blair, Americans lap dog.

I can remember one of the Spice Girls once saying that Margaret Thatcher was the first Spice Girl, in some ways she was. She was the first female Prim Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the only, -inspiration to girls that we can be just as good as men.

First and foremost she was a wife, and mother and a grandmother, the first and only female Prim Minister this county has had.

respect, and rest in peace Margaret Thatcher. (1925-2013)

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