Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The 7 wonders of the human race.

People talk about the 7 wonders of the world. The ancient world. The modern would what they are and how beautiful.
But they over look the one true wonder of the world. The human mind.
Why? You may ask.
These things may be wonderful but yet the human mind, now that is a true wonder.
It is beautiful and powerful. It can create the most incredible breath taking things.
Art and music.

The world is built upon the ideas and the imagination of these amazing, precious things.
Creating the wonders of the human physical world that you see before you.

It is with in each of these ideas that the creation of  the most powerful and beautiful thing comes to be.
With each idea, and dream the birth of each individual person comes in to being… Their sole.

But with the beauty and creation comes the destruction, darkness and pain.
It feasts on the good  the hope.
Destroying the mind and sole. Leaving nothing but emptiness.
Creating a would of pointlessness and fear.

(extract from Diary of depression)

© 2013 sarah patel

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