Saturday, 16 November 2013

A life long past.

Each night I fall asleep, and dream of a life long past.
Past memories reply, running around and round my mind..
I remember them so clearly, each movement and every word.
It is as if I am watching plays, performing them upon a stage, 
Replying my memories again and again ,a love story through out time.
And with each movement and every word, with in each replayed scene.
Events unfold with in the play. That I’ve never seen before.
Things that might have been if I had stayed, and not left and gone away.

It is as though it as a play, carved upon a stones with in my mind. And memories
Of time so good and full of smiles,

Then something happens.
And something  appears, right before my eyes.
Shattering the stone and reminding me it is all just a dream.
A dream of a life long past.

On waking I am cold
Thinking of what might have been.
If I’d just been stronger
Instead of walking out of that place, full of rage and hate.
Maybe life would be better, full of smiles and good times.
But these are now just memories. Dreams in the night.
Of a life long past.

© 2013 sarah patel

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