Friday, 11 October 2013

Raise your hand if you are a fan of Tom Hiddleston. 

I have to admit that I am amongst his army for fans. With good looks and the grate British charm no wonder girls and guys alike have fallen head over heals.
I have to be honest I had not really heard about him until I saw Avengers, after that I was a little hooked. 

“Kneel before me.
 I said, KNEEL!”
        After seeing him in Shakespeare’s Henry IV and Henry V, he has defiantly made it in to my favourite actors list, along with Patrick Stewart, Hugh Laurie, Antony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson.
So for the past year I have followed him on twitter, and facebook. With his #songoftheday, quotes and his support of unicef…
My main thought is that every interview has been about Loki. I have no problem with this. I’m the girl cheering for the villain, I love the dark side of characters. I can blame Jack Nicholson for that, with his portrayal of the joker in Batman (1989). I love a good villain and I have to say that Tom Hiddleston plays evil immaculately.
The only thing is that it seams to be that he is becoming typecast to Loki and Loki alone. 
Unrelated and Archipelago are two beautiful films by Joanna Hogg’s and beautiful performances by the entire cast.
The more I watch them the more I find myself drawn in but at the same time there is a glass wall of alienation stopping you from getting to attached. This style I wish I could see Hiddleston in more. Its film at its best. (apart from Jim Henson’s, Dark crystal. But that’s going down a different road and another story.) 
You find a lot of actors work to the principle of “four films for the money and one for the art” It would be nice to think that this is his principle. 

On December 6th, the doors open on the production of Coriolanus, at the Donmar Warehouse, London. With Tom Hiddleston playing the title roll.

Theater in my mind is a true test of an actors talent. To perform live, to draw your audience in to play is more powerful, personal then any film. This is one play that I want to see. - even though I will probably sit there and judge the lighting, set and sound mix.. In away it to reinforce my belief in the talent of a favorite actor, as well as it is a grate play. My only fear is that it well be filled with fans there to see Hiddleston rather then the play its self.
I once worked on a one night show with Norman Wisdom. After the show this lovely man sat at stage door and signed every program of the audience that had waited in line to see him. The theater was a full house of 16000 and we recon that over 90% of then waited patently in line to see the gentleman. That is dedication to your fans. 
The same goes for Stan Lee and Ringo Star.
It is known that Hiddleston will respond to autograph fan mail requests. 
This is dedication and respect to those that have made you a successes.
It is all well and good me saying all good thing about him but I have never meet him. So I will still have to hold judgment. 
I will never judge a book by its cover. I’ve worked with many actors, comedians and musicians so of whom are lovely and others, from the moment you meet them they are complete barstards with the way they treat you, and you spend your time deciding where you will bury their body…

“Love your life. Because your life 
is what you have to give.”
-Tom Hiddleston.

By Sarah Patel 

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