Monday, 9 February 2015

Twisted Hearts And Darkened Soles.

With twisted hearts and minds alike.
With darkened soles they stroke the night.
Imperfect lives in perfect bodies
Immortal lives in mortal dreams.
With forgotten unknown pasts, they haunt our dreams

With an unquenchable thirst of the body and mind
for knowledge and beauty, in art and science,
A thirst of the body of rich think pure flowing blood,
A unquenchable thirst for those with twisted hearts and imperfect lives.

The stories of old and new we combined, 
creating the illusion of beauty within fear and darkness.
Stories of eternal romance and passion. 
Hiding the rage and loneliness, with this, unquenchable hunger, and thirst of knowledge and beauty.

They find them selfs with in a world with those with even more a twisted hearts and darkened soles then themselves.

© sarah patel 2015

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