Sunday, 8 March 2015

Deceiving Sky's

Deceiving sky's of shades of blue and white cotton candy clouds floating on the cold crisp air.
Creating a look of summer high above the world.
Upon the ground of cold concrete and frozen earth we walk.
The horizon lined with baron trees, lifeless lines of twigs and brunches stretch out and up towards the cold bright white light.
The smell of water in the air, like fog that has not yet fallen, and small drops of water sit on cob webs making the invisible lace visible in the light.
A quietness and stillness fills this place.
The home of the eternal sleeping. The forgotten. The dead.
With carefully crafted cold grey stone, in shapes of crosses, anchors, heads and angles. Pedestals with pots, supporting the growth of poison ivy, tomb like houses. Line the path ways. 
A maze of forgotten unrealised beauty in such a cold and morbid place.

That deceiving sky of shades of blue, growing to darker, to deep shads of blue and black.
A bright white, grey face of ancient stone looking down upon the cold and frozen earth form its dark and cold home in night sky.
Illuminating the world with its soft glow, casting shadows of strange on the surface of the world at sleep.
A glowing light of greys encircles the moon, like a colourless rainbow in shades of the grey of night. 
A forgotten beauty, seen amongst the forgotten city of the forgotten dead.

With dark sky's as clear as day you can see for miles in to the unknown world, of burning life, the regiments of the of long dead stars glowing like distant candles, marking passages and  cites of another world, on a deceiving sky of winter.

©2015 sarah patel 

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