Thursday, 19 March 2015

Venice Trip.

Last month took a trip to Venice, Italy for five days. It was my first holiday since 2007 and was the first time that I have been out of the country, unless you can count the random one day trips to France when I was at school.
But any way those five days were wonderful. I arrived on the 2nd of February in the after noon, at venice Marco Polo airport, a short walk away are the docks to catch a speed boat or a water taxi to venice. Which I got the water taxi. he trip took about 45 minutes which was beauty, very scenic . As the boat approached the the entrance of the Grand Cannel all of us on the boat were greeted by an amazing red, orange firry sun set, that made the turquoise logon water look incredible. I wish that I had my camera to hand instead of in the bottom of my bag. the decaying building along the cannel were so alive with colour, the plaster falling off of the buildings reviling the brick beneath. Closed restraints and coffee shops, saints on walls outside churches, If it was not for the modern boats and tv arils it almost seams as if you face stepped in to another world.  

Venice’s canals are tidal, Twice daily you can hear a siren go off, two hours and its high tide, with streets, and plazas flooded, which can limit your movements if you don't have Welles, even with  the board walks that they put up along the edge of the canals and busyer areas. Shops manly stay open, with their flood defences in place at the doors. If you look  the ground as you head around you see small paving slabs that have a hole in then, to allow the water up and down.

I ventured over to the Rialto market on Tuesday morning. The mornings high tide had begun to retreat and the smell of fresh fish, fruit and veg’ was lovely, made me feel at home being brought up in a fishing village. 
Heading feather in to San Polo I came across San Giacomo Dell Orio, A beautify church on a large square, The first of many That I would come across. The first day I stayed copse to the Hotel, visiting San Marco Square and other small squares.
On Wednesday the weather was beautiful warm and sunny, it was as if Spring had arrived, this day I went around San Marco. Doing what tourist do best, get lost on, unable to fine your self on the map and taking lots of photos. Latter that day purely by chance I discovered possible the only proper pub  in Venice, The Devile’s forest pub, located down what I can only describe as an ally way off of Merceria LL Aprile. In side it is a traditional british pub far from London.

San Marco square was in preparation for the Venetian carnival on Saturday 7th.
During the week, mainly in the evening I would see people dressing in Stunning gowns and masks. heading to balls being held at different venues.
 The stage under construction at San Marco square 

Venetian Carnival dress in side the reception and Bar (male on the right and female on the Left).

Thursday it snowed, a shocking change. heading out across the Rialto Bridge and walked around San Polo and down to the Ponte dell’ Accademia bridge back over to San Marco.
On the Friday Before heading back to the air port I went back over to the Rialto market to use up my 35mm film.
It is so easy to get lost around the narrow streets, weather it be at night or during the day. A lot of the streets (being so small they are more like paths) are not marked and named. But this is  part of the joy, at one point I did start retracing my root back to the Hotel using my photos on my digital camera.
I have fallen in love with this place and I really want to go back. 
I filled up a 36 short black and white 35mm, 125 asa film a 24 short colour 200asa 35mm film. and 300 digital photos, just a fue, 

Rialto market. Black and White 35mm, 125 asa film
San Giacomo Dell Orio.
lack and White 35mm, 125 asa film

If you would like to see more of my Venice trip check it out at:

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