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2018. Planners, Goals and Things...

We are 25 days in to the new year and so far I have written more this year then I did last year. (and may be even in 2016) I have already drawn more so far this year then last.
This year is looking up!
But lets not jinks it, just yet.

(Image 'Tranquil Sky' panting by myself. You can see more of my at at
Over the past two may be three years I have set myself goals at the start of the year for my blogs and personally and each year they have fallen apart, due to a mixture of procrastination, bad habits (that I have tried through goals and planning to change) along with a mental fog of dark crap, and being that these these three things work in a viscous little circle, my enthusiasm, motivation, and just my general want to do anything, even when deep down I want to,  nothing got done.

So this year screw it i’m not doing it. Because I feel setting goals and dead lines or a target  on what I want to achieve creatively, restricts my creativity. If that makes sense.
This year I am just going to be creative and not set to many time scales in which i need to complete something in. 
How I was planning last year and the year before I think did not help.
So this year is I'm cutting down on tracking things, rather then how I'm planning, and the planner size.

The Planers From The Past
Last year I used A5 Leuchtturm1917 planner which I love the size but I was finding I had this urge to make it look pretty with wash tape and stickers (which I never sheared on Instagram). looking back on it now it wasn’t a waist of time it was a learning curve. It looked pretty but it didn't really help me achieve any of my tasks.
Along with the stickers and wash tape I was adding in a weekly mood tracker and food and drinks I wanted to not have, tracker. and one for, no spend, when I wrote stuff and when I had been drawing. Which the latter tracker list was possible the only good one.
Being an A5 planner I ended up finding it a little big to carry around with me every where so I ended up with a Leuchtturm1917  pocket size book which was in tock with me and jotted down anything I needed to remember, or do. Which worked and didn’t work to many things got forgotten about and things that I need to get done didn’t. 
I also had and still using a A5 Leuchtturm1917 dot witch started out as a bullet journal and my writing journal for by blog. I stopped using it as a bullet journal in the Februay. I also had a passport travelers notebook calendar in my passport travelers notebook which didn't get used so its now being used as a sketchbook.

Image from my Instagram MyConfusedWorld
In 2016 I tried out the whole bullet journal set up. Using it to plan and track my progress with my writing, posting on social media house hold stuff but I found that it took up to much time to set up each spread. that lasted all of six months. I found it extremely overwhelming

Image from my post last year My Bullet Journal and Instagram.
Now 2018
This year I’ve down sized to a pocket size planner from the brand Fashionary. which I am loving. it comes as undated, so I spent some time filling it in. I also have a lot of stickers that I’ve picked up from Kikki K and Paperchase over the last year, so I will be using some of them in it but nothing like last year. being small I can keep it simple, with my days off, apiontents, lunch dates, also it should help me not listing so many things to do that I don't get a little overwhelmed and don't do any of them.

I am also using a Leuchtturm1917 pocket size book. Here I'm listing things that I need to do shopping lists, then I'll move over what things I am going to do in that week over to my Fashionary planner so I no what I'm doing and when, with my days off and evenings. also it gives me more space to write things then my planer. Its the same system that I was doing last year and five, six years ago.
Along with a monthly tracker for days I don't spend, days I write and draw. 

My mouse mat is, was a very tatty notebook which I use to jot down things while i'm on computer, If I planing a post then things get put in their to remind me, to put links, tittle images even down to were I have saved something on my computer or hard drive. The tatty old note pad has gone and I am now using a Moleskine grid, at the start of each month it will have a monthly calender and tab put on this way I should be able to find things a little better them before.
I am currently in the process of revamping my visual merchandising blog (Visualmerchandising101.blogspot.comso this book is full of every thing that I need to do to each post 

As the books that I carry with me are pocket size they fit in to a large pencile case along with my Fashionary notebook for my little Miss Costuming blog along with one of my travelers notebooks with my Fashionary neon lights sketchbook
making it easy to carry them around and keep my bag tidy.

So there are my planners for this year. Small, covenant and simple. Hopefully it  will stay that way. 
I do also use two A5 Filofaxes and travelers notebooks. I wont go in to them in this post as it will go on forever (and want to go and have another glass of wine). 

It dose feel like this year has started on a good note with be productive with projects (not so much with work but it is only 25 day in to the new year) I just need to not find that falling back in to bad habits are easier them atchley then creating things. 
The Bad Habits being that every time I sit down to start working on something, something leads me astray. weather it be You Tube, Pintrest, bloglovin’ or Facebook, and that that has destroyed my productivity, as well as window shopping on Amazon and Etsy. 

Lets see if this year is better then past ones. And weather I can write more and pst more post more... That may be a good thing for a three month review post.
But any way happy new year and all the best for the next 340 days

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