Wednesday, 17 January 2018

New Years Eve.

“They are her demands. If I want ‘our relationship to have any kind of further. I will abide by them’. Is how she put it”
“And to think she is someones little girl.” 
“Hay come on, I was with this woman for five years” picking up her empty mug from the table.
“I know I'm sorry. It just seams she's being a little... Well spoilt little bitch.”
“Well yes.” Turning around to open the bottle of  white wine and poring out the last drop for her. “You two never really got on did you?”
“Not really… I tired but we did't really have anything in common." He handed her a mug ,half full with wine. 
"She took the glasses as well."
"And half the cutlery, and plates, most of the saucepans." sipping from the mug.
"So that's why your cooking in a wok" He sat down opposite her at the table with a beer. 
"And the dining table. Hence the garden table and chairs." Pulling back the red and white checked table cloth to revile the hidden black metal table. The two chairs covered with blankets to mack them a little more inviting.
"And the sofa. All the hangers in the wardrobe. And all but one towel." Taking a well needed mouthful of beer from the cold bottle. 
"She did leave you with a bed, didn't she?"  A small smile on her face finding her friends situation a little amusing.
He looked at her disapprovingly and sad. 
"Dose the mattress. One pillow and the duvet count?”
"Shit.... Anyone would think that you cheated on her"
He took a long gulp of beer. Finishing the bottle. 
"You didn't" 
"It was two years ago I was working away. We had had a fight and I wasn't sure if I was going to come home to an empty house." 
"Your and arse. You know that.... Dose she know?" 
"Doubt it she never brought it up. And I'm pretty shut that she would have thrown that in my face if she did no." Flinching as he rubbed his black eye. 
“You should have slapped her back.” The disapprovingly gaze feel towards her again, from sad eyes. no answer need he was a gentlemen and he properly apologised to her for her hitting him, she thought.
He got up and stirred the sauce in the wok.  And added a bit more red wine to the mix. The mixture hissed as the cool liquid hit the heat in wok. Throwing a small cloud of hot vapour in to the air. the warm smell mad her hungry. Picking up the pack of spaghetti. he tipped the lot in to the saucepan of boiling water.

Night time in the city did not seem very dark. Street lights, along with car head lights and building emanating glows from windows and neon signs created a yellow warm glow across the sky. Even this close to Primrose hill, seeing the stars were out of the question.
Random echoing explosions from the park and near by residents filed the air. 
Finishing the last drop of wine from the mug watch him. waiting for the spaghetti to cook.
“There is a another bottle of wine in the fridge if you want to open it?“ 
She found the fridge looking very baron compared to normal. Half a dozen bottles of beer, a pint of milk, pack of bacon, butter, and at the bottom was the bottle of wine.
“got the bottle opener?”  taking of the plastic seal form the top of the bottle. 
“Nope” Poring the hot water in to the sink. “She tock that too, sorry” 
“Thats cool I want to cut down on alcohol next year” Opening the fridge putting the bottle back.
Mixing the spaghetti in the wok with the sauce the smell of the red wine filled the kitchen. before shearing it out between the two plates. 
“I know what I got… hopefully.“ putting the two plates on to the table before heading off to living room. retuning with a bottle of champaign. taking of the seal and pushing the cork out of the bottle. A load POP! followed by a smash as the cork flew out, hitting a pitcher on the wall braking the glass and making frame fall from the wall.
“Whops” placing the bottle on the table, to pick up the broken picture. of him and his ex. “Maybe I should tack it as a sign?” Pushing the glass with his foot to the wall, with intention of cleaning it up after they had eaten. He took another mug from the cupboard and put the broken pitcher on the side. he filled his mag half way, then hers.
“Enjoy your last meal of the year.” picking up his fork to eat.

"What's your New Years resolution going  to be?" 
Topping up there champagne mugs.
That both were wrapped in coats and scarves sitting out side on the steps leading down to the grass.
"Not to do anything that means I gotta get devoice the year after" 
The sudden eruption of fireworks began to light up the sky with crackling and bangs of sparkling colour.
"Happy new year" kissing her in the check. 
"Here's to starting the new year single." Taping her mug against his. 
"Have you got a New Years resolution?" 
"Change the locks" 
She smiles with a silent laugh.  
"So you are finely devoiced?" 
“Yep it was finalised the week before Christmas.” Sipping more of the Champaign.
“Well congratulation, to the end of 7 years of marital bliss.” rolling up a smoke.
“Seven years… Only spent a year and a bit with him, before he went back to the states for a six month job, I think we spent six months together in over the last five years…  No love loss I’m afraid.” taking the cigarette off of him for a puff.
“Wasn’t he like 20 years older them you?” Smiling as he finished the last bit of drink in his mug ready to top it up. 
“No he was 17years older” Taking the bottle from him to top hers up. “I don't even no why we got married now.”
“For the money” happily joking.
“Really… I did’t get anything from the divorce. it was more of a mutual agreement…” 
“well heres to stating to the new year being single.”
They watched as the last of the fireworks died out leaving a mist of smoke in the air with the smell of burnt sulfur.  before heading in to warmth of the house…

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