Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Deserted stage

A single beam of white light, chasing the dust in the air.
Looking like glitter in the light, with each move in the air.
Foot prints determining the grey silky carpet across the once black floor
A single figure standing alone, Gazing out at the sea of grey black sheets, stretching out into the dark.
Tattered black red drapes hanging still as stone.
Strong and tall, reaching high it to the sky of steal, rope and wire.

A single beam of dazzling white light casting a long black shadow of a single figure, standing centre of the once black floor.
Eyes closed, look, seeing. what once was, and once to be.
Lights of white, green, pink and blue, a sea of faces, smiling, crying. Scared and laughing.
Now echo and fade, in to the dark of what once had been.

Dreams of love, song and dance, lost in the darkness of now the past.
What once, full of magic, colours and life. Now lays still, dark and quiet covered in dust, on this now deserted stage.

As the once past memories fade, a new magic arises, on this once deserted stage. 
A single figure standing alone, in a single beam of white light. A dancer in a spot light dressed in pink, blue and white.
Velvet red an gold drapes fly high in to the sky of colour and light.
Magic, music, colour and life again dances the song of love on this once deserted stage.

©2012 sarah patel.

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