Monday, 23 April 2012


The three of them sat in empty bar waiting for her too arrive. She had told him on the phone she had important information for them.
“She’s late, do you think something has happened to her?” asked Sam
“How do we know we can trust her?” Bobby found it hard to trust any one not human even then he didn’t trust easily
“She’s been right so far and she saved your life” Dean replied not taking his eyes off the door.
Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in, looking around and seeing there was only them and the bar maid in the building she walked over to them and sat down next to Sam.
“your late!”
“Sorry Bobby for not having the supernatural abilities that other paranormal freaks.”
 “Gaia what was so impotent for you to drag us all the way out here?” dean asked taking a swig of his beer
“Gods powers on earth” Gaia reached over and took Bobbie’s whisky and took a mouth full.
“I’ve seen that film Tom Hanks not a fan” dean jumped in quick
“I’m not talking about myths here. I’m talking about gods children. He’s sons and daughters”
“you’ve lost me” said Sam, answering for them all. “I thought he only had one son?”
“No something else you all got wrong. God sent one of his sons to earth as… A savour if you chose to believe that. He was then crucified and killed .”
“Yea Yea we all know the story get to the point” Bobby said impatiently.
Gaia looked down in to the half full whisky glass and closed her eyes, wishing he would be more patient. she continued 
“The children of God are the angels. He sent the one that was the most open minded, loyal and most eager to learn child… he was later killed by a solider, who was one of his own brothers!”
“so Jesus was an angel.” said Sam
“Making a blind man see, raising Lazareth from the dead, healing the sick, water to wine. Only an angel or God himself can do that” 
“But an angel can only be killed with an angel sword.” said Dean
“That’s correct.” responded Gaia
“I thought he was killed with a spear?”
“Right again Dean” Dean smiled at her
“Your talking about the spear of destiny. and that it as an angles sword” Gaia nodded at Sam
 “So the whole resurrection thing is a load of BS?” asked Bobbie
“On the contrary him rising from the dead is very real” they all sat there confused as Gaia took another sip of whisky.
“How many angles do you know of that have been killed and come back to life?”
“Cas!?” they all feel silent.

“there is more to Castiel then you or I know. He's very complected, and powerful. But right now he isn’t our problem. This spear of destiny, angel sword. What ever you want to call it, is”
“Wasn't Hitler was ment to have the spear during the second world war?” asked Sam
“He did, after the war it made its way here and then went missing, until know!”
"hang on back it up a bit the son of god thing, why don't he remember it?" asked Bobbie being more concerned over the whole not being able to die thing.
"his brother chose that he should not remember"
"which one?" this she did not know.

©2012 sarah patel

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