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Mind games:

Mind games.

(Up dated 29th march 2012
                   3rd April 2012)
                   6th april 2012
“Where is it that were going?” ask Jane sitting in the back of the car
“Mrs Gwen bailey’s, she works part time as a profiler for the CBI. She was due in court today but never turned up. They’ve tried her mobile and home phone. No answer and she has been seen at the university where she works”
Replied Lisbon as they pulled up out side a house. The five of them climbed out of the velcle.
“And why do five of us have to do this”
“You didn’t have to come, you could have stayed at the office on your sofa”
“And miss all the fun” Jane replied smiling in the afternoon sun. As they walked up to the front door Lisbon noticed the door had been forced open and was sitting a jar, she rasied her hand to signal to her team to stop them and with her other she reached for her gun
“Rigsby, Vanpelt go round the back. Jane stay here”
“Told you. I’d miss the fun” Jane said to Lisbon and cho as they entered the house.
After a fur moment Jane entered the house causally tacking in the surroundings knowing that he should not until they had cleared the premises.
“Jane… come here you need to see this” Lisbon’s voice, echoing down from the upstairs.

As he slowly walked the narrow stair case he thought to him self what it could be that she wanted to him see.
As he reached the top he saw them standing in the hall way out side of one of the bedrooms putting their guns back in to their holsters. As he walked towards them he court eye contact with her. At that moment his worst fear went through his head. His heart began to race.
As he reached the door to the room he froze briefly. To prepare him self? Or through fear? He took a deep breath at entered the room.
What he had hoped not to see was there in front of him. He closed his eyes and dropped his head in a silent prey for the girl laid out on the bed. He turned and left the room. As he looked up at the two agents’ one of them glanced down the hall and at the other door. He looked over his should and turned to walk down the hall. With each step he took, his stomach felled with dread and fear, making him feel sick, he knew what he was going to find but still he needed to see. He could feel his heart pounding on his ribs as if it wanted to escape from his chest. He reached the door and turned.
There it was again staring back, laugh, taunting him… Torturing him, again and again!
He looked down the hall to his colleagues, by now the other two had joined them outside the first bed room.
“Is this a copy cat?”  Asked Cho.
He glanced back in too the bed room at the message that had been painted on the wall. Had the time come for to tell them the truth? To tell them that he had been lying to them for months. To protect them? Or was it so he did not have to face them when they found out what had really happened?
He looked back at the four of them. His judge, jury and executioner?
He looked to the floor and back over to them. They stood waiting for him to answer.
BANG! A sudden noise came from the bed room, the four agents quickly headed into the room. Saving him from facing their disappointment in him….

The four agents went in to the bedroom two of then drew the weapons again. The sound of movement came from the closet, they all took position surrounding the closet door. Their advisor stood out sides the bedroom door peaking round the door to see what was happening. One of them moved closer to the door to open it. As he reached his hand out to the handle, suddenly the door swung open and a woman of 30 wearing parjamers dived out waving a baseball bat at arms length. There was dried blood on her four head and in her dark hair. Tears were flowing down her face from her red blood shot eyes, arms shaking
“Stay away from me! Don’t come closer!” she cried out.
“We’re federal agents. We’re here to help you… your safe now, but the bat down” pleaded the agent.
From the door way he saw the blood on her right arm, and there. There it was again, his worse fear.
He slowly walked in to the room past two of the agents standing between the woman and the door and over too her. As he got closer to her she turned to him and held the bat out between them defending her self, but from whom.
He reached out and took hold of the bat.
“It’s ok I’m here to help, you can trust me”
She started at him, working out if she could trust him. Then she dropped the bat he it picked up and handed it to Vanpelt. Rigsby left the room as he begin to call for a ambulance and corner
“Where’s my sister, where’s Sam?” she asked him like a lost child ask for their mum.
“I’m sorry but”
“No, please no “she begged Lisbon
He took hold of her arm and raised it slightly to confirm what he had already seen. There it was, carved on too here arm, now covered in dry black red blood, the killer’s signature, the mark he used to put fear in to people.
It worked, every day he feared for when he saw it again, but each time he did it brought him closer to the bustard and having hi revenge!
“Who did this? What did he look like? What happened?” he asked franticly, needing answers
“I’m cant I’m sorry, I don’t remember” sobbed the women
“Mrs Bailey? Don’t worry vanpelt will take go with you to our car, will need to talk to you later”
Lisbon guided her to van pelt and away from Jane.
“Cho talk to the neighbours and see if they saw anything in the past 12 hours that looked sursplces”
“Yes boss”
As they left the room Lisbon tuned to Jane “you need to give her space Jane. And you need to come clean with the team; you can’t keep it from them any more”
“She’s going to need protection.”
“We’ll handle it, but I need to know that you’re not going to go off and do something stupid”
“Yes behave I don’t want or need you going of on your own vendetta again”
Jane held up he’s hands “I promise” and left the room. They both knew that that was a lie.

As the two of them left the house the police had begun to arrive and one and started to put tape up
“They got here fast” Lisbon said to rigsby as he approached then at the door
“A neighbour saw us entering the house with our guns and called the cops”
 “Help cho, talk the neighbours, then I need the two of you to go back to the office a pull out the red john files. And take Jane bake with you. I’m going to go with Mrs Bailey and vanpelt to the hospital”
Rigsby walked off to carry out the task given to him.
Lisbon realised that Jane had snuck off from her side and was standing by the car with vampelt and Mrs Bailey.

Vanpelt had given Gwen a blanket from the car to put round herself she was clod and shaking, shock had set in.
“I’m sorry for your lose Mrs Bailey, my self and agent vanpelt will accompany you to the hospital”
Gwen looked up from the pavement “was it him… Red john” pulling her arm out from under the blanket and showing it to them.
Before Lisbon could reply Jane jumped in saying what she… They did not want him say or believe
“Yes… have you ever spoken publicly in a lecture about him?”
Gwen shook her head in response “no he’s one case I’ve stayed away from”
Lisbon took Jane’s arm and pulled him away from the car.
“Jane! This is want I don’t want you doing. When cho and rigsby are done go back with them and help them… back off from her”
Lisbon’s scolding of Jane was distracted by a gentleman talking to the police trying to get past them.
“Excuse me, excuse me”
Lisbon walked over to him to find out what was wrong.
“My names agent Lisbon with the CBI can I help sir?”
“I’m Father Jonathan Saunders. I’m friends with Gwen Bailey; her neighbour called and told me that there were police here. Is she ok can I see her?”
“Of course Farther she’s over by the car with one of my agents” she nodded at the officers to let him pass.
As he reached the car Jane stepped in front of him with his hand held out “I’m Patrick Jane can I ask you a quick question?”
“I’m sorry, Mr Jane, I’m here to see Gwen I’m sure your questions that you have for me or Gwen can wait” Jonathan look around Jane at Gwen sitting in the car, Jane stepped aside. “Gwen where’s Samantha and Janet”
“There dead murdered….”Jane came straight out with it. He wasn’t one for mixing his words.
Jonathan trued to him and Lisbon “what? When?” he responded calmly but shocked.
“With in the past 12 hours… Right now we need to look after Mrs Bailey…do you know of any one that would want to hurt either of them?” asked Lisbon
“No no one.” the ambulance pulled up behind the car with its blue lights flashing. “If you don’t mind I would like to go with Gwen to the hospital to make sure she alright.”
“Of course. Agent Lisbon will go with you”
“No. thanks you. I think she has been through enough.” he reached in to his inside jacket and pulled out a business card and handed it to agent Lisbon “Gwen will be stay with me. I understand that you want to ask her what she knows, you’re welcome to come round tomorrow at 1 I will be back from the shelter by then. I would rather be there with her when you question her. You understand?”  Glancing at Jane
“Of course… But …” before she could say anything else to Farther Jonathan was helping Mrs Bailey up and was heading to the ambulance.
“What’s his problem?” asked vanpelt
“I’m not sure… Go with them to the hospital. If need be get one of the officers here to give you a ride down there?
“Yes boss” vampelt headed over to the ambulance.
Rigsby and cho were back at the car.
“Anything?” she asked
“No one saw anything. Apart from us. Most of them haven’t been in” answered rigsby
“Ok let’s go back to the office and pull the red john fills” they got in to the car and travelled back to the office in a tense atmosphere

“How’s Mrs Bailey?” Lisbon ask Vanpelt as they walked in to the office with a cup of coffee each,
“She’ll be ok. She’s got minor concussion, they recon the wound on her arm will leave a scare the two victims were her sister Samantha she was a nurse at the local ER and her aunt Janet Sams, she was a retired therapist from Nevada … boss what’s going on?”
Lisbon new what she was asking. Was he alive? She could not answer that for Jane he needs to tell them.
“I need you to get a background on them for me” she did no what else to say.
Vanpelt went to her desk to begin her research
Bigsby and cho sat waiting for orders while Jane lay on his sofa ignoring them.
“Cho can you contact the university and find out names of students, any lectures that she may have given that may be significant, and what she was currently teaching. Bigsby go upstairs and find out what case she was testifying in and get a list of all cases she has worked on while employed with us.”
“Yes boss” replied Rigsby as Lisbon headed in to her private office at the end of the room. The three agents watch as she went into the room, as soon as she entered the three agents all got up and surrounded Jane on the sofa.
“What’s going on?” cho ask standing with arms folder
Jane opened his eyes and and sat up and looked at them
“Did you lied to us?” van pelt asked
“Jane my office now” Lisbon called out.
Jane quickly got up and went to her office.
“Do you think she knew?” asked cho
“No Lisbon wouldn’t risk her job for him. Would she?” replied Vanpelt.

Jane closed the door behind him as he entered the office.
“You’ve got to tell them now. We can’t hide this any more.”
“I only did it to protect them, they did Not have to no. it was safer for every one.”

Vanpelt collected the papers from the printer and headed to Lisbon’s office
“Boss I got the background on Janet Sams, I contacted the practise she last looked for and they sent over a list of pachents names. They also sent over her personnel file.” She handed the print outs to her
Her and her sister were travels until they were thirteen with the state carnival”
“They were Carney folk?” Jane jump up from the sofa and snatched the papers from Lisbon’s hand. “Jane is there any chance that you may no of the family?”
“I don’t know, maybe…”
“Spoke to the university, Mrs Bailey hasn’t done any public lecaters in over a year and the ones she has done never mentioned red john. The university won’t give us a student list without a warrant “announced cho entering the room.
“Well then shale we go and ask the teacher for a student list” Jane said picking up his jacket from the sofa.
“Its only 11.30 and I don’t think it’s a good idea without father Jonathan there with her I don’t what him putting in a complaint against the team.”
“He said that he would not be back until 1. Will be gone by then”
“Ok, Cho come with us Vanpelt go through Ms Sams patients list and see if there is any contention with them and names in the red john files”
As the three of them left Rigsby came back in to the office.
“Where are they off too?”
“To see Mrs Bailey… Jane my no her and her family from when he worked as a sikick on the fairs”

They pulled in to the drive of a two store house, the residence of father Jonathan.
“Nice place” Jane stated as he got out of the car.
“Jane behave, please try not to upset her she’s been through enough, and does not need you playing mind games on her”
“Don’t you think I no what she has been through… I want to help her” responded Jane with a hint of anger in his voice.
They walked up to the front door and she rang the bell, a moment later the door opened slightly.
“Mrs Bailey, hi its agent Lisbon from the CBI we meet last night, I’m hear with agent Cho and Mr Jane. Do you mind if we come in?”
She opened the door completely
“Of course please come in, I wasn’t expecting you till latter. I’m sorry the only clothes I’ve got at the moment are my gym clothes from my car boot.” she said greeting them in track suit bottoms, t-shirt and hoody. She closed the door behind them
“Please go through” she gestured for them to go through to the open plan living room and kitchen with large windows over looking a small modest garden.
“Can I get you any thing tea coffee, water?”
“No thank you “responded Lisbon
“No I’ good” answered Cho
“I’ll have a tea” requested Jane. While looking around the room
Gwen went over in to the kitchen, where the kettle on the hob had begun to sing and where there was cup already set for her and fetched another cup and saucer from the cupboard
And poured the water in to the cups. Jane came over a picked a tea from the selection on the side.
“Please sit down”.
They sat down at a large farm house table Lisbon and Cho sat opersite Gwen.
“Once again we are sorry for your lose.” Gwen pulled the sleeves of her jumper down over her hands and steered in to the cup of tea
Lisbon continued
“We need to no did you see who done this, did he say any thing to you?”
She shook her head “I got up went to make breakfast, I heard a noise the next thing I remember was coming  round and seeing black boots. He injecting me with something… he hurt. Then not anything till I heard you talking in the hall… I’m sorry I…”
“That’s ok” Lisbon said gently
Jane came round to the table and sat at the head of it.
“Your aunt was a therapist” he asked
“Yes she worked in Nevada she raised me and my sister there”
“And before she was a therapist?”
“What’s this go to do with her murder?”
There was the sound of the door opening and closing, Jonathon came in to the room
”I thought we agreed that you would come round later when I was here” he said angrily
Lisbon stood “I’m sorry we were near by and we thought we would come and talk to Mrs Bailey”
“Well if you have asked all you have need I would appreciate you leaving… And of you have any other questions you should contact me first”
“Jonathon please they are only doing their jobs to find who done this” Gwen shouted at him she glanced back at Jane to find him still looking at her, it made her uneasy. “Agent Lisbon when will I be able to gain accuse to my house. It’s just that I need to get clothes”
“I’ll find out and let you no, it should be by the end of today.”
“Thank you” answered Gwen.
“We had better be going” Lisbon new that they had out stayed there welcome.

Jonathon followed them out of the house he stop Jane at the by grabbing his arm.
“Let go of me” Jane snapped
“Mr Jane I would appreciate you not talking to Gwen I know of your reputation and I’d rather not have you upsetting her any moor then she already is”
“You’re very protective over her,”
“She’s my friend of course I’m protective”
“No its moor, you fancy her”
“I think you colleagues are waiting for you”
Jane headed to the car, not talking to Lisbon or Cho, as they headed back to the office he took a note from his pocket and opened, after he had read it he looked out the window staring at nothing but thinking of everything.

After work that evening Lisbon had ordered in pizza for all of them she knew that Jane would tray and do a runner at clocking out time, but tonight they all needed to talk every one else on there floor had gone home so this was the perfect place and time.
“What’s this?” Jane ask walk into the office ready to go.
“Diner” responded Vanpelt pouring drinks for them in to mugs for them. Jane walked over to the table and looked at what was on offer. He picked up a slice and took a bit.
“Sit down we need to talk”
“Talk about what Lisbon”
“Red John” said Cho
 Jane hesitated for a moment then sat down. This was judgment day.
They sat there in silence foe what to him seamed like an eternity.
“Red John’s alive, I lied and Red John killed Samantha Collins and Janet Sam’s”
“Why didn’t you tell us the truth Jane?” asked Vanpelt
“I couldn’t I need to let every one think he was dead”
“So you could have him for himself” Cho jump in saying what they all were thinking and knew.
“As far as any one else is concerned we are looking in to a copy cat killer or an old accomplice from when Red John was a live? How about we keep it that way?” Rigsby said then reaching for another slice of pizza.
“I can’t ask you to lie for me” answered Jane.
“We all want to catch him Jane just as much as you do” said Vanpelt.
“Thank you”

Jane stood in the drinking tea in the kitchen area of the office watching the team work, lieing to there bosses for him.
He saw Lisbon go into the director’s office he put down his tea and pocked his head around the door to Vanpelt,
“What to tack a ride?”
“Where to?”
“The university” he handed the note to her and headed to the lift

The two of them walked down the corridor looking at each door for Mrs Bailey’s class
“Jane do you know her, from when you where working on the fairs?”
“I’m not sure… here we are”
They stopped out side the door and knocked; he opened the door and let her in enter the large class room first.
The room had tables chairs grouped round two large tables at the far end. And more tables down on side and book cases down the other.
Gwen stood up from the floor and step out from the circle of papers and books that surrounded her
“Thank you for coming, I didn’t no if you had found the note” she said looking at him not really paying attention to the agent
He took the note once again from his pocket and held it up to her.
“You said you need to talk about” he asked
“Who killed pleased be honest with please? Was it him?”
“At the moment we are unable to divulge that information as of yet” answer the agent quickly hoping it would stop him from answering,
“Yes it was”
Gwen felt as though she had been punched in the stomach and ribs making her feel sick and winded at the same time. The agent pulled a face at him, telling him off with the look, but it had no reaction.
He took her by the arm guided her to a chair beside one of the book cases
“Mrs Bailey, as a profiler, have you have any thing to do with the killer’s cases?” asked the agent
She sat starting at the floor, she shook her head
“No never”
He stood besides her looking through a photo album laying on one of the shelves
“A bit soon for you to be back at work considering your sister and aunt were killed 2 days ago” he asked, pushing for a reaction.
“I only came in today to meet you here, while I was waiting I sat to looking through some students work” she looked up at him. If he’d gone BOO she probley have burst in to tears.
“Is this your family?” picking up the album placing it in her lap and pointed to a photo on the open page. Gwen stroked the black and white photo.
“Your married, you’re not together though? “ Gwen clutched her left hand and held tight to her wedding band
“What’s that got to do with my family being killed?”
“You’re separated, going through a devoice…. An affair he cheated with a younger woman…”
“I would appreciate you not profiling me…Presides your wrong… He’s dead, killed himself. The barsterd tied to take me with him”
She snapped at. He smiled contently to him self as he got a reaction.
“No I’m not wrong… you were the younger woman….. A lot younger.”
Gwen sat looking him in the eye, he was stating to make her feel uncountable… But he was good.
“Ok if we’re playing that mind game…” she got up and placed the album back on the book case and turned to face him
“You’re a con man a grifter your over confident with your self, to any one that doesn’t really know you they will see a confident married gentleman, in a 3 piece suit. You hide you pain behind a wall of disseat and lies. You’ve become so consumed with revenge that you’re deceiving and lying to people around you and close to you has begun to give you pleaser. You’re an obsessed, psychopathic thieve…
You’re in an extremely dark place… And if you are not careful you will be totally consumed and there will be no coming back… When the time comes you won’t be doing the killing... You’re his Sherlock Homes to his Moriarty”
She stopped talking, he had stopped smiling and a look of sadness was looking back at her.
 She felt guilty for what she had just done. He was a good man but there was a darkness in him that scared her, and even him if he was to be truly honest with him self.
The uncofterble moment between them made her eyes redden and fill with tears. He stepped forward closer to her and whispered in in her ear
“I know how you are feeling. It will get better but the wounds will never completely heal. I can help if you trust me… it wasn’t your fault what happened then or now “
Tears begun to roll down her face like heavy drops of rain, she pulled her arms around herself, to hold herself.
He took from his pocket a small photo which he had slipped out of her album and placed it on top of the album. He placed his hand on her shoulder and the turned to leave the room.
Once he had left the room she picked up the photo, it was of her and her sister when they were teenagers with two friends one of which was him!

“Where have you two been?
Asked Lisbon as Jane and Vanpelt walked to the office,
“Getting fruit” Jane said tossing each of them an orange and Lisbon an apple.
“Is that why I just got phone call from Father Jonathon complaining that you went to the university to talk to Mrs Bailey and that you, in his words, put her under unneeded distress with unnecessary questions and insulting questions?”
“Boss he’s laying. I was with Jane he never did any of that.”
Lisbon passed and thought carefully what to say next she wanted to shack Jane and shout at him “please do as you’re told and listen to me”
“Have you found any connection to Ms Sam’s patient list and the names in the Red John files” she asked Van pelt
“No boss non as of yet”
“Keep going; let me no if you find anything”
Vanpelt carried on with here task, while Jane went back to his sofa out of their way.

Vanpelt knocked on Lisbon’s office door before see entered, she had finished go through the lists and she decided to do some more research.
“Boss… I’ve gone through the list but no links. But I did find out something about Paul Bailey, Gwen Baileys husband. He was a journalist in Sacramento, he reported on the first Red John murders before he moved to New York and became editor, I phoned the paper and found out from a friend that kept up with the case and kept notes on it. When he died Mrs Bailey never cleared out his office but this friend kept everything. He sending the lot to us it will be here tomorrow.”
“Good work Vanpelt”
“Thank you” Vanpelt smiled and left the room. Praise well it put a spring in her step when she was told well done.

The next morning four boxes arrived for the team. They put them on the large conference table at one end of the open planed office
“Thank you” Vanpelt said to the courier as she handed back the signed clip bored to him.
Rigsby and Cho came over to the table to see what they had to do. Lisbon appeared from her office.
“One box each then”
Rigsby pushed a box across the table to each of them, Jane had strolled over to them with a cup of tea and looked over each of there shoulders’ in to their box,
Cho opened his and found it full of photo frames and an album
“This is full of keep safes photos postcards” He said reading on of the cards.
Jane went to his side took the cards from his hand, putting them back in the box and take the box and sitting at the other end of the table and began looking at the photos. Cho gave Jane a look that you might have given a child how had done wrong. Rigsby slid two large note books across the table to him to go through.
“So how is it know Gwen Baileys family?” asked Vanpelt
“She and her sister used to come and visit their father and cousins on the summer holidays.”
“You travelled together?”
“Some times.” Jane got up from the table suddenly and began to walk out of the office pulling his phone from his jacket pocket.
Where are you going?” Lisbon called after him
“I’m going to get some fruit any one wont some?”
“There’s fruit in the fringe”
“Wont be long” Jane was dialling his phone and was not paying any attention to Lisbon.

Gwen walked in to the café, stopped and looked around, Jane waved to indicate to her where he was sitting.
“You said it was urgent. You need to see me” Gwen sat down she placed a card folder on the table and placed her bag on top. Her eyes red from crying.
“Did I?”
“Yes you did…. I’m glad you called, I want to apologies for what I said yesterday it was insensitive of me.”
“How is your arm?”
“Sore…you said that you killed him… why?” she whispered across the table
“I’ sorry I was wrong”
“Wrong…” Gwen stopped talking as waitress came to the table a placed a pot of tea and two cups on the table
“He’s a dangerous, powerful man”
“don’t you think I know that, every killing he has done over the past year, year and a half has been to protect his identity, so why my family and why leave me?”
“Did you know that your husband reported on the first of his killings?”
“No. that was before we meet.” she said as she poured a cup of tea “He never spook to you about it?” Gwen took from her bag a pill bottle a took two of the pills.
Jane reach over and took the folder from under her bag and began to look through.
“What do you teach?”
“Psychology and criminal psychology. Those are papers from my second year students they had to write a paper on three serial kills”
“Three from this list of nine” Jane said holding up a sheet of paper
“Yes I picked these up from work to day…. I need to keep bizy” Jane was flicking through the papers when he stopped on one and took it from the pile, placing the others on the table.
“Gwen have you looked throw papers” he asked as he began tuning its pages.
“No not yet. Why?”
He closed the paper and passed it to her; she glanced at the title of the paper. At that second she should found her self unable to take a breath, “case file of Red John”
“He wasn’t on the list” she said wide eyed with fear.
“We need to go back to the CBI. Now” he said, getting up from the table he went throw his pocket and left the money on the table for the tea. Gwen collected the other papers and they left.

As the two of them stepped out of the lift at the CBI Jane was speed reading though the paper seeing if he could see anything that might lead him to Red John.
“Lisbon I need to talk to you and the rest of you” Jane called out to them as he and Gwen entered Lisbon’s office
The four of them headed in to he office wondering what it was he wanted. Once they all hand all entered the small office Jane closed the door.
Jane handed the paper to Lisbon.
“Where did you get this?”
“From one of my students. Amy Williams, They had to do a psychological profile on a three serial kills… He wasn’t one of them” Gwen answered as she sat down, scared.
 “There are sections in that paper about Gwen’s family, his first murder were he killed the husband and my wife and daughter,
This girl knows how he is. Where he is”
“Jane one step at a time. Mrs Bailey did this student physical give this to you?”
“No I picked them up from my class they’d left them on my desk”
“So any one could have left it there knowing it would get back to us, what can you tell us about Amy Williams?
“She’s one of my best students,” Gwen hand to close her eyes to concentrate to think straight. She had profiled and advised on so many cases but this time she was over her head emotional, mentally and physically.
“She lives in the student dorms…she’s a quiet girl, reserved not that out going but she seams to have lots of friends, err…
She’s here on a scholarship… Visualize there sponsoring her”
Lisbon tuned to her team
“RIgsby, Vanpelt. Find out where she is, and go and get her. Cho hind out about the scholarship who gave it to her and why.”
She walked out of the office with them closing the door on.
Jane pulled a chair up in front of Gwen who was sitting now with her head in her hands, and sat down and carefully took her hands in his and pulled them away from her face.
“I can’t do this Patrick”

“Cho when you’ve finished with Visualise go though the paper with a fine tooth comb I want to know everything this girl has put in to paper that has not been made public.”
“Yes boss.” he said answering Lisbon
“Boss, just spoken to the university, Amy Williams moved out of the student dorms yesterday and she has also dropped out of university, and left no forwarding address” said Vanpelt putting down the phone. Rigsby had picked up the paper and was going through it.
“Paul Bailey was Mrs Bailey husband… his in this paper.” He said holding it up. “But according to this Red John didn’t kill him”
He turned the paper back to himself.
“It says “the farther doing what he need to do to protect the master of his flock”. “
“Dose it mention names?” asked Lisbon. Rigby went to the table and picked up a photo and came bake to the group.
“Could she be talking about father Jonathan” holding up the photo. To them
“Where’s Jane gone?” asked Vanpelt. Lisbon looked over her shoulder to her office
“Shit!” she took out her phone and called Jane, it went straight to answer phone.
“Jane what ever you and Mrs Bailey are planning to do doesn’t do it we are on our way” she hung up she Knew he would not be getting that message until after she saw him next.

Jane pulled in to the drive of farther Jonathan’s home. His car was parked on the drive close to the house.
As the two of them walked to the house Gwen fumbled through her bag for the key to the house. She opened the door and they walked in, Jane closed the door after them but left it so it was not locked. Jonathon got up from the sofa,
“Is it true?” asked Gwen as she walked in to the living room.
“Is what true Gwen? What lies have you been feeding her Mr Jane?” he asked looking at him.
“This has nothing to do with him Jonathan and you know it.” Jonathan walked towards her and put his hands on her shoulders,
“I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about Gwen darling… He’s playing games with you, he’s an unhappy man who enjoys making every one around him unhappy.”
“Who told you that the police were at Gwen’s house?” Jane asked. Jonathan stepped back from her and headed to the kitchen.
“The family next door the wife called they have my number from when Gwen and Sam went away.” he answer
“They moved out five days ago and the couple on the other side have been away for two weeks!”
In the silence that followed Jonathan began to make a sandwich.
 “Why did you kill Mr Bailey? Was it because he was getting to close. Or was it because he knew who it was?
“I know Paul from school. I married him and his ex wife and then him and you after he left visualize and moved to New York…
He was obsessed with the Red John case he kept resuching the case after you moved… I came to see you both of you and he told me that he may have the name of Red John, it was a list of five.” Jonathan had finished making his sandwich; he opened a draw, reached in and pulled out a gun which he placed on the work top.
“Yes he had his name, so I did what I had to do to protect my flock… And you Gwen” he picked up the gun and walked around the counter, Gwen and Jane  stepped  back way not knowing what he was going to do.
“Protect me? By killing my husband and drugging me?”
“If Red John had found out what Paul knew. He would have killed both of you, and I know that Paul had not told you…”
  Jonathan now stood in the middle of the room and he causally raised the gun to Gwen.
“What about my family? Why did he kill them? What about THIS?” she shouted at him holding up her arm showing him the brand he had carved on to her.
“He phoned me and gave me an address and told me I needed to go there and help a member of my flock. It wasn’t until I hung up that I realised it was your address”
“Why did he kill them? And what about Amy William’s is she one of HIS flock?”
Jonathan began to laugh
“Who is he?”

Lisbon and her team pulled in to the drive blocking in Jane and johanathans cars, the four of them with their weapons in hand headed to the front door as they got nearer Cho stopped them the door was a jar.

“You are all just pawns. You should no that by now Patrick Jane.” Gwen walked to wards him heart pounding with fear, but she hand nothing to loss.
 “You betrayed your friends… your God doesn’t that mean anything to you… how is he..? Tell me Jonathan” Gwen shouted at him. Jane watched as a knife slipped out of Jonathan’s sleeve in to his hand and with in a spilt second he pushed it into Gwen’s stomach. She gasped as the cold mettle sunk in to her.
“I’m sorry my dear” he whispered in to her ear before pulling the knife from her as she stumbled back and on to the floor,
Jane froze with fear, Jonathan had the gun pointing at him, suddenly Cho, Lisbon, Rigsby and Vanpelt came through the fount door,
“Mr Saunders put the knife and gun down… Your under arrest for the murder of Paul Bailey” announced Cho, Vanpelt went to the aid of Gwen on the floor while the others had their weapons trained on Jonathan.
“Another death on your hands Patrick. How will your conchance be on judgment day?” Jonathan out stretched his arms and raised his head in a silent prey them he sharply raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger the sudden noise of the gun made Jane jump back scared.
Cho went over to the body to see if he was dead, it was obverse that he was. Jane watched Vanpelt put pressure on the wound on Gwen’s stomach, while Rigsby was on the phone for an ambulance.

Jane walked down the corridor and in the room, he was expecting to see her in the room but there was just an empty room and a made hospital bed, laying on the bed was an envelop reading “to Patrick Jane, (the gentleman in the three piece suit)” the last part was a not to the nurses so they knew who to give it to, but he had got there before they picked it up. It made him smile. As he turned to walk out a nurse was coming into the room
“Sorry…  Mrs Bailey was discharged an hour ago.”
Jane didn’t responded he walked out looking at the envelop. It wasn’t until he got to work that he opened it, in side was a letter
“Dear Jane
Forgive me for not saying good by properly but I need time away from hear I’ve resinded from my job at the university and I’m going to be staying with my cousins for awhile, I’m sure that we will be passing throw at some point .
When the day comes Patrick I will be there beside you to face him…

Your friend Gwen.”

Inside the folded letter she had placed a photo, it was the one he had tried to take from her album. It was a photo of Gwen and her sister when they were teenagers with two friends one of which was him the other his wife.
Jane laid down on the sofa and stared at the photo.

©2012 Sarah patel

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