Wednesday, 1 January 2014

With in this new year.

A New year is now again upon us. Full of new begins and new ends.
New friends and new lovers, soon to be found.
On crisp white pages our a new store has begun.
But the cover of the book of the past new year, may still be left open.
Like a deep wound from the memories of happiness, tears and pain.
Yet upon each page. Each day of that year.
With each tear of joy and of pain.
The things that brook us and made us sad.
For they are what make us, us.
So upon each new year, with forgiveness and kind, and all that new year crap.
Leave each book unclosed, with each memory and tear drop unhidden.
For this is what makes each of us stronger.
To remember is to live.
To forgive is to forget.
As the new year begins remember your past for it is what makes you sole to heart.

©2014 sarah patel

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