Monday, 10 February 2014

A new moon.

Sitting looking out of the apartment window. Eyes fixed on one point of the roof of the building across the street. A silhouette of a tree in front. 
With its branches and twigs stretching up into the black blue illuminated sky, like twisted fingers marking the full white moon the like the seconds on a clock. 

As I watching the full white new moon moving slowly, travel higher in to the cloudless’ night sky, absent of stars and life beyond this rock.
The sound of the city, never ending. The drone of cars and sirens with their blue and red flashing light, all day and night. 
Reminding us of the chaos beyond the safety of our walls.

I watch the moon rise higher, imagining the building fading away,  the shops the roads and street light
Vanishing, dissolving in the night. 
Where once were building now are fields of black green grass with the tree standing taller then the hills in far off distance… 

Looking up at the at the star filled sky. 
A thousand stars sparkling like a spilt glitter pot across the black blue sky.
These tiny specks making the moon look even bigger in the inferent darkness.
Making this rock seam smaller, and us upon it, nothing, a particle upon this speck of rock a cancer growing. Surviving.

As this rock spins around our speck of glitter sparkling in the inferent dark.
Watching the moon rise higher still. 
On an ever last dance. Throw the darkness of time.
The stars beginning to vanish, swallowed by the black blue sky.
I watch the beauty of the black green fields fade and city buildings fade in to view with the sounds and lights of the city.
Filling this rock with beauty and life. 

© 2014 sarah patel

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