Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines day

Valentines day. I just went and goggled it to find out how and why it is, after reading the first bit on wiki' I was bored. (Plus I'm a little hung over so I'll finish it later.)
But it's all to do with Saint Valentin of Rome how ministered to Christians -how at the time were persecuted, married soldiers who were forbidden to marry. As well a healer, As legend say he healed the daughter of his jailer.
Basic this guy was a rebel. Standing up for freedom, love and worship.
On one hand you had you had the catholic priest ministering to those who chose to believe in something there government refused to acknowledge there beliefs, on the other the pagan healer and doctor, persecuted by those he ministered to. - a little ironic really, don't you think. Then on the other hand -having a bit of a shiver moment here with my many hands. The free loving hippy, believing that you love who you want. Hated both by government and religion.
So this day is not just about love, flowers and chocolates, it is also a day for standing up for your beliefs. Love who you want, no mater what. And in-brace life and nature.
Happy valentines day, live free, peace out, stay well, and may the gods watch over you.
(And as for me, today I worship the invented of paracetamol... And tea. Lol xxx)

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