Wednesday, 19 March 2014

You Abandoned Us

Sitting on the throne with its smooth cold stone and metal beneath the bear hands of the black, clocked figure.
As the dark figure stands up, the sun coming throw the wind behind cast a long shadow down the steps and across the floor to the men standing  below.
As the figure moved slowly down the steps it was as throw the shadow and figure of this person were as one.
“Leave us.” the two armed guards turned and left.
“What you doing here?”  he watched as the figure looked up. Beneath the hood of the cape he could see the shadow of a face smiling back at him almost taunting him.
He reach out pulling down the black  hood to revile her face. As he did so she grabbed his wrist, breaking his illusion to revile his true form.
“The same could be said about you” she said. Steering at him, it made him a little uneasy, he step away from her, walking around her, stopping in-between her and the steps to the thrown. As though he was protecting them.
“I’ll ask again. What are you doing here?” learning towards her.
“Well its nice too… Mother!” The woman turn, stepping away from him. As she did her own faced changed. The left side of her face tuned to a rotten corps, hair greyed and her hand turned to bone.
“So I see you have what you always wanted” looking back up to the thrown.
“Jealous are we.” smiling  gloating.
“Jealous… No. I have my thrown and crown. Or have you forgotten”
“I haven’t forgotten… You were given a kingdom and a thrown, with out question or asking for it.”
She smiled. The tone in his voice changed slowly throw his comment, raised with anger and frustration.
“And you think that is what I wanted?  We wanted? Sent down to depths and darkness of Niflheim?”
A growl of a beast came from behind him, he looked to a huge grey black wolf walking towards him bearing his teeth.
“you crave power, yet you don’t know how to use it to your advantage.”
“And I suppose you think you do?” looking back to her.
“don’t you patronise me. I’m not the same child you abandoned”
“No. but you still only a child” leaning towards her, smiling. Knowing it would irritate her. “And I did not abandon you.” a calm politeness in his voice that made her angry.
“You abandoned us!” shouting at him “You didn’t fight to help us. Or even come to find us. You let him take us.”
Fenrir came to her side his bright green, almost glowing eyes transfixed on Loki. She placed her bone hand on his fur. As she did her hand changed. skin, flesh reappearing.
“Unlike you I did not abandoned you when you needed help.. Other wise I would have left you dead on that rock when Malekith’s solder killed you.”
She walking towards him slowly smiling.
“well thank you my dear daughter for saving my life, so I could become the king. The all father.”
 “do you suggest that I knell before you as a lesser Queen then you?” she laughter out loud, then suddenly stopped. “I knell before no one. At the end all are equal, man women, child… king.” She stepped forward standing directly in front of him… “and at the end. I collect all.”
She turned her back to him and began to walk away.
“Ragnarok is coming. And I will collect all debts owed”

© sarah patel 2014 

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