Friday, 30 August 2013

Children Of Loki

The sound of marching feet on marble echoed throw the palace halls, An armed escort heading to thrown room of Asgard.  On Odin's command, the three strange child of Loki were brought to him. The Three children stood before him, along with a old hag in rags hunched over leaning in a cane.
Odin: who pray are you?
Hag: I am merely the children's guardian. Their nurse.
Guard: the children we're alone with her, she insisted she came.
Odin: your nurse too these monster children. ---looking at them.---
Hag: Their not monsters --- she said angrily---
--- She began to stand up straight. As she did a blue green shimmer of light surrounded her. The guards suddenly surrounded her and the children.---
Hag: Well this is now way to treat a lady?
Odin: Your no lady, Loki.
Loki: Your words hurt me... i thought you might be pleased to see your grandchildren...
Odin: Children. These creatures. mind you what else would one expect from a shape-shifting God. A serpent, a wolf and a girl.
 ---He pulled down the scarf from the child's head which was partly covering he face... The girl (if you could call her that) glead at Odin. A look of fear and anger but also conference and strength as four of the guards standing be hind Odin turn pale, and tuned to ice. Jörmungand the serpent, hissed violently in-circling  his body around the his mother and siblings. While Fenrir a wolf with black blue fur stood ready to attack growling
Loki: HOW Dear you judge them. you have no right.... Do you remember the night you stole me.... Did you judge me then or did you just see a tool?
Odin: I thought I saw good... but i miss-took it for a lying trick.
--- Jörmungand hissed loudly and pounced like a coiled spring at Odin. Odin reached out and garbed him by both hands at the throat. Jörmungand tried to get a way but Odin's grip was tights.... He spun round and throw Jörmungand out of the window. 
Loki: NO! --- screams---
--- Two guards sized her, holding her back she watched as Jörmungand fell throw the Bifröst... Odin walked over to her other children.---
Loki: get away from them. --- she snapped---
--- Odin stood before them ---
Odin: Hela. Strange daughter of Loki... Now you are the most terrible of monsters and women. Your heart is pulseless. and your cruel arms kill what they embrace. Yet you have the head of a queen, and large, imperial eyes; but ,  --- Fenrir growled and snarled at Odin ---
Odin: You have loyal children my dear...
---loki struggled to get free---
Odin: Without doubt you have somewhere a kingdom; not where the sun shines, and men breathe the free air, but down below in infinite depths, where bodiless spirits wander, and the cast-off corpses are cold.
 --- Odin pointed downwards towards Niflheim, and Hela and Fenrir sank right through the earth, downward, downward, to that abyss of abysses.---

(i got a little bored)
© 2013 sarah patel

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